Lush Father's Day 2017 Review

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LUSH Father's Day 2017 Review

Thanks to a combination of computer troubles and sick children, I'm a bit late with this post but you'll be happy to know that the LUSH Father's Day collection is still up on the NZ site! You'll want to be quick to pick up any better-late-than-never gifts though as these goodies won't be available much longer. This year's Father's Day collection sees some old favourites returning, a few repromotes from the permanent range and the fabulous new Stairway to Heaven soap. 

LUSH Smuggler's Soul Shampoo Bar Review

Smuggler's Soul Shampoo Bar ($16.90) has had a makeover this year! Last year's version was predominantly purple with splotches of orange while this year's take is an even split. What hasn't changed is the scent, a lightened version of the Smuggler's Soul fragrance. It's woody, a little smokey and fresh with notes of ethically sourced sandalwood, cucumber and lemongrass. Lush's Shampoo Bars are great, they're super easy to use and they last much longer than traditional liquid shampoo. They give a really good deep cleanse too, without drying out your hair the way a true clarifying shampoo can do. 

LUSH Superdad Bath Bomb Review

Mike thoroughly enjoyed Superdad Bath Bomb ($7.50) last year so we were stoked to see it making a triumphant return in this year's offerings. Notably glitter-free (this earns a big tick in Mike's book), this is a woody scented bomb that will send jets of red, white and blue foam around your bath tub before settling down into brilliant, bright blue bath water Sandalwood is accompanied here by guaiac wood and olibanum oil, making for a slightly sweetened woody fragrance.

LUSH Stairway To Heaven Soap Review

Don't let this section of soap deceive you, Stairway To Heaven ($8.90/100g) is a riot of colour, with red, blue, yellow and grey sections accompanying the cream base. If getting a colourful section is important to you, I'd recommend buying in store rather than online so that you know exactly what you're getting. The full block of soap is a giant guitar (you can see the whole thing in this awesome How It's Made video), a super fun nod to the Led Zep themed name. This soap shares its fragrance with Daddy-O shampoo and Sugar Daddy-O Solid Conditioner: bergamot, star fruit and rose. Gorgeous!

LUSH Dirty Springwash Shower Gel Review

Dirty Springwash Shower Gel ($10.50/100g, $18.50/250g, $30.90/500g) and its myriad of coordinating products have been a popular part of LUSH's range for ages now and yet, while a couple of my girlfriends and I periodically quiz eachother on LUSH recommendations for our blokes and Dirty always tops the list, somehow, we hadn't yet gotten round to trying it in our house! I'm pleased to report that those dark days are now over and we are (mostly) converts. We haven't yet pried Lord of Misrule from Mike's grip but Noel (6) and Pat (3) are very enamoured with it. Its mixture of menthol, spearmint and thyme make for a very refreshing morning wake up shower - much needed on monotonous school run days! I see a larger bottle in our future. 

LUSH Dirty Shaving Cream Review

Dirty Shaving Cream ($16.50/100g, $26.50/225g) is, as you may have guessed from the name, one of Dirty Springwash's many counterparts. I'm a big fan of D'Fluff Shaving Soap but Dirty Shaving Cream is a whole different texture again, more of a lotion than the thick, puffy stuff we all associate with shaving cream. Mike wasn't game to part with his beard for the sake of blog testing (not that I can blame him, I suspect the kids will run screaming at the naked chinned-stranger calling himself Dad should he ever change his mind) so I took one for the team and defuzzed my winter legs. It left my skin feeling great! I would caution you though to rinse your razor regularly during use because Dirty clogged it up a lot.

There are more products to be found in this range and you can spot them all at LUSH Online (NZ) or you can find your nearest LUSH store using the store locator. International readers can find their local LUSH site here!

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