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Emma & Roe Charm Bracelet Review

Mother's Day is a hot topic in our household at the moment. My sons are just getting to an age where they're taking an interest in picking out a gift for me with Mike, the only problem is that I'm not great at making suggestions (or relinquishing my hold of chief household gift-buyer - but that's another story)! Their shopping expeditions have just gotten a whole lot easier though, as Michael Hill very kindly sent me a charm bracelet from their Emma & Roe collection and I'm already dying to add more charms to it.

Emma & Roe Charm Bracelet Review

I'm completely new to this style of charm bracelet and I had no idea how many different options there are! Everything about the Emma and Roe collection, from the bracelets themselves to the array of stoppers, charms and safety chains, combines to give you a multitude of ways to make your bracelet unique to you.

The starting point, of course, is the bracelet, and here you can go completely luxe with 10ct gold and diamonds or for the wallet-friendly but no less beautiful sterling silver or soft braided leather. The colour range made the leather options hard to pass up (still admiring that mint leather one!) but I eventually settled on the Infinity Clasp Bracelet in Sterling Silver (RRP $109) as I thought it would go with more.

Emma & Roe Charm Bracelet Review

My first charm is quite an emotional choice (and I do apologise if this is triggering for anyone). A little over a year ago, I had a miscarriage. I was seven weeks along at the time and it completely threw me - after two trouble-free, healthy pregnancies with our sons, I absolutely had a case of never thinking it could happen to us. It's a horrendous, helpless situation, to feel your loved, longed for child slipping away with no way to stop it - it is truly devastating. We were very lucky to have an outpouring of love and support from family and friends, which was amazing and helped us to heal. 

Dandelion tattoos have become popular to symbolise miscarriage in recent years but for whatever reason, I've just never been a tattoo person. It seemed fitting, instead, to choose the design in charm form, as a way of remembering our baby. The Wish Dangle Charm in Sterling Silver (RRP $59NZD) is delicately etched with the design and although it looks dainty and sweet, it's really very sturdy. I'm really pleased with it. Over time, I can add more charms to represent our sons and daughter, milestones, special occasions and more. As I mentioned, there are a tonne of charm options to cover just about anything and the price range covers all budgets, so they'll be easy to suggest to my family for Mother's Day gifts. 

Emma & Roe Charm Bracelet Review

I really am in love with this bracelet. The quality is fantastic and it clasps securely. And who knows...

Emma & Roe Charm Bracelet Review

One day, it might become a family heirloom. 
We got pregnant with our daughter, Alexandra, a few months after our loss. She is happy and healthy and utterly adored. And since she hasn't yet had a formal introduction on the blog, here she is!

Emma & Roe Charm Bracelet Review

Thanks to Michael Hill for making this post possible.


PS. If you'd like miscarriage support, the Miscarriage Support NZ website is really helpful.
PPS. I'm wearing Color Club Harp On It in these shots.

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