LUSH Easter 2017 Collection Review

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LUSH Easter 2017 Collection Review

The Easter bunny has arrived early at Lush, bringing a selection of Easter themed treats to momentarily distract you from the epic chocolate binge that beckons, or to accompany you in the bathtub while you binge on chocolate. Would that work? Or would that be a melty mess? I may have to test that, you know, for science, and uh... the good of the blog!
Whatever your Easter plans, this collection is a lot of fun, and for those who don't do chocolate, it proffers a range of alternatives that are just as sweet. LUSH were kind enough to send me several things from the range and my sons/designated LUSH testers were only too happy to try them out, so let's dive in (hurr hurr)!

LUSH Which Came First Bath Bomb Review

If you've ever wanted to bathe in sunset-coloured water, Which Came First? Bath Bomb ($10.50) is for you. There are two versions of this bomb, the striped one you see here, or a spotted one. They're identical in every other way, right down to the mini chick bath bomb nestled inside! This is a great one for breaking up for multiple baths for that reason, though we went the whole hog, as usual. Which Came First fizzes quickly, with lots of pink foam complimented by the occasional streak of yellow and a beautiful citrus scent. 

LUSH Which Came First Bath Bomb Review

Which Came First? in action

LUSH Carrot Gift Review

If you're finding it hard to narrow down your choices, Carrot Gift ($33.50) offers a bit of everything for the bath, containing Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt, Chick N Mix Bath Bomb and Pink Carrot Bubble Bar. I'll admit I do find the math in LUSH's gift sets puzzling at times, as many brands strive to make gift sets as value packed as possible, while with LUSH you'll sometimes pay a bit more than it would cost individually to buy the same items in a set. This could be worth it to you for the presentation factor, especially if you're buying as a gift for someone else, and occasionally there are products exclusive to gift sets. Such is the case with the Bundle of Fun gift ($30.90), which has four individual colours of FUN, including Orange Fun, which I don't believe has ever been sold individually in New Zealand. You used to be able to get the other plain colours here a few years ago, but now they're just sold in themed stacks.
Back to the Carrot Gift math - the two bath bombs included make up $23.40 of the $33.50 price, leaving a value of $10.10 for the Pink Carrot. However, the Bunch Of Carrots is priced at $12.50 for three carrots, giving them a value of $4.17 per carrot. Personally, I'd spend the $2.40 more to get the additional two carrots, but that's just me. What are your thoughts on gift sets? Do you expect them to offer more value?

LUSH Chick N Mix Bath Bomb Review

Chick N Mix Bath Bomb ($13.90) is one of LUSH's pricier bath bombs but with good reason - it's huge! You could easily split this across several baths if you wanted to stretch your dollar. For the sake of the blog though, we dunked the whole thing in and the results were pretty spectacular. My sons loved watching the jets of blue, orange and yellow foam, which turned the bathwater a pretty lime green, and they enjoyed the tonka absolute and bergamot scent. We used it in combination with Snowie Bubble Bar (Christmas 2016), which has a rose, neroli and grapefruit fragrance and it was a great pairing. 

LUSH Chick N Mix Bath Bomb Review

Chick N Mix in action (with Snowie Bubble Bar)

LUSH Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt Review

The Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt ($9.50) will give you the Midas touch, literally! It's coated in plastic-free lustre for a super glitzy bath - sparkle-haters steer clear. It's richly fragranced with wild orange and cocoa butter, a moreish combination that I really enjoyed, and the cocoa butter has the additional benefit of making your skin feel amazing. The bathwater turns a rather lurid yellow with this bomb which is always a source of great hilarity for my kids, they love the sparkly coating they're left with post-bath too. Speaking of sparkle, be prepared for a bit of clean up with Golden Egg, plenty of glitter is left in the tub after you've drained it although it is easy to rinse out. 

LUSH Pink Carrot Bubble Bar Review

As I mentioned, Pink Carrot is usually part of the Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bar bundle ($12.50) but is included separately within the Carrot gift. My camera freaked out at the neon pink hue, it is seriously bright! Our family are longtime fans of the Bubble Bars for the value, copious amounts of bubbles and gorgeous fragrances they provide. The reusable Bubble Bars offer that much more value; instead of crumbling them, you hold them under the water until you have enough bubbles, then let them dry out for the next use. Pink Carrot has a fresh citrus and bergamot scent and tints bathwater pink. 

LUSH products can be purchased at LUSH Online (NZ) or you can find your nearest LUSH store using the store locator. International readers can find their local LUSH site here!

Have you tried anything from this year's Easter collection?


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