LUSH Valentines Day Collection 2017 Review

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LUSH Valentines Day Collection 2016 Review

Gosh, this year is going fast - I can't believe that Valentine's Day is just around the corner already! LUSH have released a gorgeous set of products that you'll find hard to resist, whether you celebrate V-Day or not. Old favourites have returned from previous releases and there's a nice assortment of brand new products too. I have four of them to show you today!

LUSH Valentines Day 2016 - Love You, Love You Lots Soap Review

Love You, Love You Lots Soap ($8.40/100g) will send rose-lovers into throes of passion. It's packed with rose petal infusion, rose oil, rose syrup and fresh rose petals for good measure, resulting in a strongly fragranced soap that perfumes the air and your skin with a hearty dose of rose. That sounds like it could be overwhelming but I found it settled down on my skin quite a bit and only lingered faintly (which is my personal preference). It lathers well and doesn't dry out my skin. 

LUSH Valentines Day 2016 - Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar Review

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar ($10.50) is a fan favourite that Noel was particularly excited to see return! And who can blame him, this sparkly pastel confection is too cute to say no to! It's scented with lavender and neroli and creates beautiful pink bathwater and lots of frothy bubbles. We easily get two baths worth of bubbles from this bar. 

LUSH Valentines Day 2016 - Lover Lamp Bath Bomb Review

Lover Lamp Bath Bomb ($8.90) won me over instantaneously with its comforting vanilla and Brazilian orange oil fragrance. Although it's not a colourful bath bomb, it's no less showy for it, turning bathwater a creamy white and sending out lots of tiny red hearts accompanied by a smattering of golden sparkle. It feels great on the skin too, thanks to the larger cocoa butter hearts dotted around the top.

LUSH Valentines Day 2016 - Love Spell Massage Bar Review

Love Spell Massage Bar ($18.50) would make a lovely couples gift or a self-indulgent treat. LUSH's massage bars are pretty popular in our household as they're perfect for post-sports massage or to help the kids wind down before bed, I like using them as an all-over body moisturiser too. Love Spell is scented with rose hip syrup and carnation absolute (these two notes come across most strongly to me) with aloe vera, neroli and lemon myrtle rounding out the fragrance. The scent throw when I left this out on my dressing table for a few days was incredible! Definitely a massage bar you'll want to check out if you adore floral fragrances.

Have you purchased anything from this year's LUSH Valentines Day collection?


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