Jamberry X So Nailicious French Twist Wraps Review

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Jamberry X So Nailicious French Twist Wraps Review

Here's something cool for the nail lovers out there! Nail art is something I've enjoyed dabbling in in the past but struggle to make time for in between running after two busy little boys these days. So, missing my manis, I was swayed by the quick fix idea of Jamberry when I was contacted about it recently. If you've not heard of Jamberry, they're a multi-level marketing company that produce adhesive nail wraps in hundreds of different designs alongside nail lacquer and gel polish. Like many MLM companies, they do suffer from a large quota of pushy sales reps, but if you find a rep you like or choose to purchase directly from the NZ site, the products are well worth trying.

As with anything new, there's a bit of a learning curve and I'll be the first to admit that my first go with them was not my best handiwork ever. My nails have quite a pronounced C-curve which made it difficult to get the wraps to lay flat and to smooth them out - this is a problem I've had with other brands of wraps too. To apply, you first cut your chosen size of wrap in half and then warm it with either a Jamberry heater (I have the mini heater, the purple unit pictured above) or a hairdryer for a few seconds until it becomes pliable. Once warmed, you align the wrap and stretch and press it into place, using firm pressure to adhere it and smooth out the wrinkles. It took me the first nail to get the hang of warming the wrap for long enough and my results were much better on my right hand, but I didn't get a picture because unfortunately my right hand can't pose to save its life! (What's up with that, anyway?!).

Jamberry X So Nailicious French Twist Wraps Review

For my first Jamberry manicure, I decided to use Mint French Twist as part of a skittlette design. I used the wraps on my index and ring fingers, and matched them with Essence Chuck on my middle nail and Color Club What A Drag on my pinky. The wraps easily wore for a week before I grew bored of them, but probably would have gone longer!

Mint French Twist is part of a limited edition collaboration with Australian nail artist, Maria Vlezko, and there are three other designs in the collection, which are pictured at the top of the post. Geo French Twist is white and black with gold accents, Mod French Twist is white and grey with mint accents and Suave French Twist is in different shades of pink with a metallic accent. I'm really loving these for accent nails at the moment, especially as it pushes me to dig out more of my oft-neglected nail polish collection to match with them, though of course they'd be lovely for a full manicure too.

Each set of wraps retails for $28NZD with 18 wraps in two sets of different sizes contained in the pack (which you then cut in half to apply, furthering the number of applications). They're available for a limited time from Jamberry NZ.


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