YSL Black Opium EDT Review

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YSL Black Opium EDT Review

YSL Opium is one of those fragrances to which all others are compared and aspire to; a rich, hedonistic and wonderfully complex classic first released in 1977, its staying power in the perfume collections and hearts of women worldwide has been truly impressive. Over the years YSL have reimagined this heavyweight in the form of Opium Pour Homme and Belle d'Opium (both now discontinued) and more recently, Black Opium EDP and its little sister, Black Opium Eau de Toilette. 

Having denied myself the pleasure of a good perfume for many years in sympathy with my husband's overly sensitive nose, I was delighted when a small rebellion in the form of Black Opium arrived on my doorstep. It was love at first sniff, the top notes of pear, black currant, mandarin and citrus creating a sharp but sweet fragrance which is underscored and given warmth by the middle notes: jasmine, coffee, tea and orange blossom. As the scent develops the base notes of white musk and white wood become more prevalent, and although they're not actual ingredients, the combination of all of the other notes gives me cocoa and vanilla vibes, which really sold me on Black Opium. I've found that the scent wears pretty close to the skin, and being an Eau De Toilette, Black Opium isn't as intense or lingering as EDPs or perfumes, so it hasn't bothered my husband at all. It lasts around five hours before it becomes quite faint to my nose.

YSL Black Opium EDT Review

If the scent description hasn't pulled you in, the bottle will surely give you pause, glistening with glitter and a transparent window in the centre of the bottle which gives it the effect of glowing from within. The cap pulls off to reveal a spray - that one had hubby and I confused for a second, trying to twist it open before we figured it out! This is a beautiful perfume to both display and wear and moreover, it's a very familiar and likable scent, which makes it ideal for gifting. I know I'd be thrilled to find a bottle of this under my Christmas tree!

YSL Black Opium EDT Review

Black Opium EDT has an RRP of $140NZD for 50mls and is available now from selected pharmacies, Farmers and departments stores nationwide. If you're in the mood for a bargain, I spotted some great gift sets at Farmers which included Black Opium, including one with a mini Faux Cils mascara, one of my favourite mascaras of all time!

Bonus credit: here's a fantastic tribute and write up of the original, vintage Opium perfume. I foundit incredibly fascinating!

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