5 Favourite Pink Lipsticks

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5 Favourite Pink Lipsticks | Collaboration with Lena Talks Beauty

Hey guys! 

Today I'm sharing my five favourite pink lipsticks with you. This was a pretty difficult challenge and the ones I ended up picking actually surprised me - I love a good neon pink, but it's the deeper fuchsias and muted roses that I actually reach for on a more regular basis. So, let's take a look at my picks!

5 Favourite Pink Lipsticks | Collaboration with Lena Talks Beauty

Swatched on bare skin under daylight bulbs

Yes, I realise Melt Shady Lady and Australis SHANG-HI! look embarrassingly similar in the arm swatch but I promise they are different on the lips :D

Melt Cosmetics Shady Lady Swatches & Review

It was a close call between Shady Lady and Stupid Love (click for review), the other pink in Melt's line up, but Shady Lady squeaked through because I'm a sucker for a super saturated fuchsia. Melt's ultra matte lipsticks have incredible colour pay off and wear times, although they can be a touch drying. If you're a matte lipstick fan they're well worth checking out.

There are so many awesome colours in Australis' Velourlips range (you can see my swatches of 18 of them here) but SHANG-HI! won my heart from the moment I first applied it. It's a vibrant dark fuchsia with plum leanings and a solid wear time. I highly recommend checking it out!

Jordana's matte lipstick range are proof that the old adage 'you get what you pay for' doesn't always ring true. Sure, the packaging leaves a lot to be desired, but the lipstick inside is smooth, creamy and well pigmented. Pink Passion, a muted rose perfect for everyday wear, also happens to be a dead-on dupe for MAC Please Me. Look out for a mammoth swatch & review post featuring my Jordana lipstick collection soon!

I tried to keep limited edition products out of my selection but YSL Rouge Pur Couture #208 Fuchsia Fetiche from The Mats is too beautiful to leave out. The jury's also out on whether or not it is in fact limited edition. It was released in June last year and was marked limited edition on the press release by Temptalia at the time, but is still on the US YSL website and I bought mine at a local YSL counter just a few short months ago. #208 is a warmer fuchsia than some of the others I've selected today and has a super smooth, rich formula. I adore it and definitely want to get my hands on more of The Mats.

Finally, an old favourite that's been knocking around my handbag for years, MAC Lustering! As you can probably tell from the picture, it's very well loved. I reach for Lustering when I want a pop of pink that's not too bold or muted, it pretty much goes with anything and the smooth Lustre formula is very forgiving on the lips.

What do you think of my favourite pinks? I'd love to hear yours!


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