LUSH Shades of Earl Grey and Yes Yes Yes Massage Bars Review

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One of my first ever LUSH purchases was the Each Peach Massage Bar on a mother-daughter day trip to Wellington in my teens and the Massage Bars have been a favourite of mine ever since. It's always exciting when LUSH add to their permanent range and in May they added six Massage Bars to their line up! I have two of them to show you today.

LUSH Shades of Earl Grey and Yes Yes Yes Massage Bars Review

Left: Shades of Earl Grey, right: Yes Yes Yes

LUSH Shades of Earl Grey and Yes Yes Yes Massage Bars Review

These Massage Bars are solid cocoa and shea butter, two super hydrating, skin loving ingredients. They melt quickly at body temperature, which makes them perfect for massaging - my husband, who is not usually a LUSH fan, has to concede that he loves these for his legs after he's been playing football. The kids also like them for a back rub at bed time, it helps them to really relax and go to sleep. Personally, I just feel I deserve a lot of massages - that mum life is sometimes often a thankless job and using one of the massage bars is a great treat.
They'll take a few seconds to warm to your skin, but after that you're away laughing. If you're not sure how to use it, LUSH have a great video:

In New Zealand, the Massage Bars have a retail price of $18.50, which I think is quite reasonable given how much we've used ours so far with very little signs of them diminishing. Massaging with body oils could get quite messy and use up a lot more product faster than I'd ever finish one of these. 

Yes Yes Yes has a heady jasmine scent, so if that's your jam you'll be all over this! If strong florals aren't your fave, keep scrolling for...

Shades of Earl Grey, which has a citrus and (you guessed it) earl grey scent. It's light and subtle, not too strong at all for my husband's nose (he finds most fragrances overpowering). I'm willing to ignore the 50 Shades inspired name for this one because it is my favourite of the new releases.

Massage Bars can be purchased at LUSH Online (NZ) or you can find your nearest LUSH store using the store locator. International readers can find their local LUSH site here!

Have you tried the Massage Bars?


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