A Birthday Wishlist

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Hey lovelies,

My birthday is this coming Saturday so I thought I'd share a rather greedy wishlist with you. Being a stay at home mum, it'll be quite a while before I can treat myself to most of these but looking is free :D

A Birthday Wishlist

  1. Colourpop Forget the Fruit Cake Set
    I made my first Colourpop order earlier this year and the Lippie Stix were everything I had hoped they would be (you can find swatches & a review of my first five shades here). Needless to say, I want MOAAARRRR and this set looks like an absolute stunner.
  2. YSL Rouge Volupte #34 Rose Asarine
    I'm a big fan of YSL's lipsticks in general and this gorgeous pink has been on my wishlist for a while. I have it sitting in my cart at Fresh just waiting... waiting... one day I'll pull the trigger!
  3. Pretty Serious Kashmir and The Dragon's Curse
    These are two of Pretty Serious' newer releases (in fact, Kashmir just launched on the Sunday just gone!) and I'm completely in love with them. Pretty Serious' formula never disappoints so I'm hanging out to add these to my collection!
  4. Cirque Colors Love Stone and Dear Dahlia
    These pretty shimmers croon their siren song to me everytime I'm browsing the Femme Fatale website. Hopefully I can make an order or piggyback on one soon! :D
  5. LUSH Yummy Mummy Body Conditioner
    I actually have a mini pot of this already from a LUSH gift set (see my first impressions post here) and it KILLS me that it is limited edition! I'm hoping to snag a full sized pot before it's gone because the scent is gorgeous.
  6. Glasshouse Fragrances Triple Scented Candle - Taahaa (Vanilla Caramel)
    This will definitely be a repurchase at some point as I'm currently hoarding the last precious centimeter of this candle like a miser! The scent runs true to the name and although Glasshouse candles don't come cheap (the minis are $24.50 for 60g while the full size candles are $54.50 for 350g) I got a lot of use out of my mini one. It was lovely and calming as it simmered away while my bridal party and I were getting ready for my wedding and has accompanied me on many a blogging marathon night since.
  7. Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream - Moscato
    It's blindingly hot pink. It's named after my favourite wine. Clearly we were meant to be bound together for all eternity. I do have another Cashmere Lip Cream, Port, which I really love so I'm looking forward to trying more in this formula.
  8. Ecoya Metro Jar Candle - Vanilla Bean
    Another repurchase here - I like what I like :D My catchcry when it comes to fragrances is often 'VANILLA ALL THE THINGS!!!!'. If everything I owned smelled like it could come from a bakery or sweet shop, I would be thrilled I tell you. THRILLED. I got this candle as a Flybuys reward originally, burned it damn near constantly and unsurprisingly it has now all gone :'( It has a great fragrance throw and the scent is a true vanilla.
    I have just discovered while writing this post that you can in fact buy vanilla all the things on the Ecoya website. Bliss.
  9. Colourpop In Bloom Set
    And another entry from Colourpop with this gorgeous set which contains three Lippie Stix as well as two blushes and a highlighter! I haven't tried the blushes or highlighters yet so I'm longing to give them a try. The Lippie Stix are very 'me' shades too.

Here's last year's birthday wishlist - I managed to get quite a few things from it over the course of the year!


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