Interview with Bibiana from Beauty By Bibby!

Hey lovelies,

I'm really excited to bring you an interview with the entirely fabulous Bibiana from Beauty By Bibby, she of the bright hair and equally colourful lippies!

Interview with Bibiana from Beauty By Bibby!

Tell me a bit about you!
My name's Bibiana, I am 21 from Auckland, New Zealand. My mother's Spanish and my Father's European Maori. I live a pretty simple life, work and sleep is all I know at the moment, lol!

How did you first get into polish/makeup? Do you have any special memories? Was there someone who got you into it? 
Ok so believe it or not up until I was 13, I was tomboy, I wouldn't be caught dead in a skirt let alone a face full of make up. I think when I hit puberty I noticed that with a little pride in my appearance I could possibly look pretty and not like a small boy, haha. Then it all progressed from there. I started with lashings of lipgloss and bottom lid eyeliner (cringe) to a full caked on face of many layers. Wouldn't have it any other way.

What made you decide to start your Facebook page? 
It was actually Nicola from Blush Baby. We got to know each other through MUO and I was always buying things from her and posting reviews so she encouraged me to bite the bullet and make a like page. Surprisingly people actually liked me? I was amazed.

How do you juggle your Facebook page with work/family/other commitments? 
That's a hard one I still struggle with today, my job is VERY full time and lately I have been neglecting it ;( but up until now I would always post on my days off.

Is there anything about your FB page you find difficult or dislike? What has been your biggest challenge? 
Hmmm, so facebook likes to hold back on sending you notifications so I miss a lot of PMs from my gorgeous followers. But this makes me think maybe I should make a website.

Do you have any blogging/vlogging/Instagram role models? What do you admire about them?
My role model would have to be Kirsty from MUO, shes the perfect example of someone that has turned her passion into a great thing, helping thousands of others and inspiring young ladies and men to achieve their dreams. She wasn't born into the fame. She worked hard and got it herself.

What has been your favourite FB page moment to date? 
I don't really have one, each time someone posts an encouraging comment it honestly makes my day and i appreciate it so much.

What is your most prized nail polish/makeup item? 
Definitely my RiRi <3s MAC lippy in Talk That Talk. I set my alarm for 1am, stayed up for 3 hours refreshing that damn page on my iPhone, iPad and laptop, lol the struggle is real.

What's the weirdest beauty item you own? 
Would have to be the 4 different types of stage blood casually chillin on my dresser, I even have mint flavor.

What is the strangest polish name in your collection? 
Safe too say OPI's 'Pussy Galore'

Is there anything you regret NOT buying? 
I regret not buying all the YSL lipsticks and goodies for $20 each at the L'Oreal sale, lol, it was the most amazing experience ever! I only brought two :(

Tell me about your best beauty bargain. 
I got a $120 YSL blush for $20 at a L'Oreal friends and family sale. It was the best moment of my life.

Is there a makeup/polish purchase you really regret? 
Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot, not many people agree with me but it just wasn't fab on my skin ;(

What is your biggest lemming? 
At the moment Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour and Highlight Book. Oh wow, it looks so delicious, all that bronzey goodness.

What has been your biggest beauty blunder? 
Thinking white powder was a good highlighter haha. Like just straight white matte shadow/powder on top of my foundation -.- why?

Do you have a go to make up look/mani? 
Super bronzed and highlighted with lashes, liner and a bold lip. My look never changes. 

Interview with Bibiana from Beauty By Bibby!

What made you decide to decide to start your own lipstick line? 
When I started becoming super obsessed with lipstick I realized it was a super expensive habit to buy the kinds of colors I was after. The mark up on cosmetics is ridiculous and I wanted to help the ladies get great lipstick for less.

What are the challenges around that? What are the best bits? 
I did some research found someone who could help provide the colors I was after for an affordable price. I opted for a more basic look in packaging and kept labelling to a minimum to keep prices down. In the end I have been really happy with the products I have been able to provide. Seeing all these wonderful ladies willing to rock a green or blue lip just makes my day!

Interview with Bibiana from Beauty By Bibby!

PS. I have a couple of Bibiana's lipsticks to share with you very soon, so stay tuned for those!


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  1. I LOVE Bibiana's lipsticks! Is there any way I can contact her outside of FB/Instagram (I don't have either)? I'd love to buy some.

    1. Hey! I asked her about that a few days ago but haven't heard back yet. I'll update you as soon as I know!