The Polish I Would Write Sonnets For: China Glaze OMG

Purchased by me

Hey lovelies,

PANZ Blog readers will have already seen this one in yesterday's post, but this polish is so freaking sexy it deserves its own post. I would write sonnets to this polish. You know, if I wrote sonnets. Instead I found some videos on Youtube to express my emotions.

Yes, I just rickrolled you. But it was relevant. And totally accurate, because LOOK:

China Glaze OMG swatch

China Glaze OMG swatch

China Glaze OMG swatch

China Glaze OMG swatch

China Glaze - OMG, 3 coats

OMG is right, China Glaze. OMG is right. I've had this baby in my collection since the collection launched way back in the day and I still love it just as much now as I did then. Reswatching it, I tilted my nails this way and that and wondered how such prettiness could even be real. I still don't know, I'm just glad it IS. I swatched this under my lighting set up, so imagine the holo even mooooaaaaaar spectacular and you'll have an inkling of how awesome OMG is.
Silver holos are becoming easier and easier to find these days, but I've yet to see one that truly holds a candle to OMG. If you want it, prepare to shell out a bit, I found it for around $40NZD on Ebay. Storenvy and blog sales may also yield a win, you never know! 

Do you have any of the OMG Text in Color collection? Lemming any of them? Don't like holos? Tell me in the comments!


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  1. Guhhhhh I need this! Or any polish from this collection, really. So perfect!