Bottle Shot Spam #27 - Guest Post from Leona Carolina's Closet

Hey lovelies,

We're still settling into our new house so today I have a guest bottle shot spam from my wonderful friend Nicola from Leona Carolina's Closet! You may already know Nicola from her blog but if not I suggest you head on over pronto and check her out, she posts awesome outfit of the days, manis and more. Before you do though, here are super pretty bottle shots of Nicola's top ten non-creme polishes!

Barielle - Elle's Spell

Candeo Colors - Joker

Color Club - Metamorphosis

I Love Nail Polish - Babes In Toyland

LA Girl - Copper Alloy

Milani - Digital

OPI - Goldeneye

Star Kin - Coral Me Maybe

Sweet Tips Nails - Up In Heaven

Zoya - Liberty


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  1. I love Color Club Metamorphosis ♥ Such a beautiful mermaid shade x

    1. It's stunning! I'm amazed I don't own it!

  2. Replies
    1. It's very cool, Nicola has added lots to my wishlist :)