Twinsy Thursdays: Lime Crime Centrifuchsia Lipstick

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Hey lovelies,

Continuing on with our lipstick trend, today Nicola (Leona Carolina's Closet) and I will be showing you the rather luscious Lime Crime Centrifuchsia.

Centrifuchsia is one of my all time favourite lipsticks. I've used and loved it since 2010, and I have the awkward browed selfie to prove it:

Guys, I have so many questions. Why didn't I pluck my eyebrows? Why didn't I trim my fringe? Am I wearing a bra? My boobs were actually perky once?? 
I do miss that hair colour a little though.
But I digress. Here are more current pictures of me wearing Centrifuchsia, today in fact. Thankfully with marginally better brows.

I see you, sneaky brassiness. And I will destroy you *brandishes purple shampoo* This one's with my new camera. A little blue toned due to the time of day and weather but I'm loving my new baby :D

I love this baby too <3

I love Centrifuchsia's formula - it's creamy, opaque, bright without being scary (not that I shy away from a scary lip, but they don't go with everrrrything) and lasts. And lasts. AND LASTS. I forgot I was wearing it today and then wondered what the pink rash was all over the back of Patrick's head. Oops. Just my kisses. Sorry Pat.

Don't forget to head on over to Leona Carolina's Closet to see how Nicola wore Centrifuchsia!


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