Enchanted Inspired Makeup! + Tutorial

Hey lovelies,

Here's a makeup tutorial inspired by one of my favourite Disney movies, Enchanted! First of all, a glimpse at my inspiration:

I took inspiration from Giselle's fairytale wedding gown and her soft and pretty yet defined makeup. Plus I had to throw in a poison apple! ;) 

I went with ethereal white eyeshadow, defined eyes and pretty pink lips and cheeks.

Are you ready for the tutorial?

Yay! Let's do this!

Lay down a base of your primer of choice. I'm using Covergirl Shadowblast in Beige Blaze (review).

Pat MAC Vanilla pigment on the inner third of the lid, lightly blending out.

Now pat MAC Frozen White pigment down the centre of the lid.


And pat MAC Pink Opal pigment on the outer third of the lid. 

Now grab MAC Vanilla again and blend everything out to the browbone.

Run MAC White pigment along the lower lashline.

Bring Pink Opal all up in your inner corner highlight!

Create a flicked out line of liquid eyeliner. I'm using Collection Extreme 24 Hour Eyeliner.

Run a thin strip of lash glue along a subtle pair of false lashes (I'm using Duo adhesive and Revlon Beyond Natural Defining lashes). Lightly flex and roll the band between your fingers to ensure flexibility, then once the glue is tacky enough, line up with your lashline and apply with tweezers. Blend the falsies with your own lashes with mascara, and apply mascara on the lower lashes too. I used Collection Does It All Mascara, the rounded part at the end of the wand is really handy for pushing any stubborn lashes up into the false lashes!

Finish the look with glowing pink cheeks - I applied Too Faced Sun Bunny bronzer very lightly to the hollows of my cheeks, then Too Faced Who's Your Poppy? blush to the apples. Finally I ran some MAC Perfect Topping Mineralize Skin Finish along the tops of my cheeks and applied MAC Speak Louder lipstick.

I realise the white based shadows all look a bit samey in the pictures, but I promise in real life the effect was quite captivating. Each of the pigments used on the lid reflects a different colour (Vanilla reflects gold and a little pink, Frozen White reflects blue and Pink Opal reflects pink).

Bonus shot with Patpat!

Tips and tricks:
  • If you're feeling like all that white will wash you out, try adding some definition by blending a soft grey or taupe into your socketline and/or lower lashline.
  • I've used a lot of MAC here, but you don't have to! Plenty of brands do white shades with contrasting shimmer these days. Some of Fyrinnae's Ghost shades or TheBodyNeeds' Iced collection for example. You could also look at purchasing MAC pigment samples (I used to sell them, hence having so many pigments ^_^).
I hope you liked this look and tutorial!


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  1. Love it! I'm jealous of your eyeliner flicks, I'm terrible at them. AND YAY Patrick!

    1. Aww thanks! I don't always get them right. I always find them easier to do with a felt tip pen liner, like the Collection one I've used in this tutorial :)