TheBodyNeeds Mineral Eyeshadow - Pixie Dust Swatches & Review

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Hey lovelies,

I placed my first order with TheBodyNeeds recently as I wanted to pick up some MAC lipstick samples for the blog, and decided to try some of their own branded eyeshadows at the same time. The first shade I'm trying is Pixie Dust, but first let's take a look at the packaging.

TheBodyNeeds provides several packaging options (taken from their website):
  • Approximately .6 grams in a clear, screw-top 5 gram sifter jar. 
  • Approximately 1.5 grams in a clear, screw-top 10 gram sifter jar. 
  • Approximately 2 grams/.07 oz Crush Pot - pressed in a 26mm round tin plate pan.
I opted for the 5g jars and I don't feel like I'll run out anytime soon! The jars are the standard clear screw-top kind, with a TheBodyNeeds sticker on the top and a name label on the bottom.

I thought this was a cute touch - the seal sticker over the sifter has the TheBodyNeeds' logo (shade shown is Breathless)!

TheBodyNeeds' description:

Gold Shimmer with a Sheer Grayish-Green Base

Swatched dry (left) and over Pixie Epoxy (right) and photographed in sunlight. I agree with TBN's colour description here, particularly over Epoxy. Applied dry, Pixie Dust's sheer grey/green base is so translucent that it's barely discernible. I wore it dry initially and didn't have any trouble with fallout, which was a pleasant surprise with such a sparkly eyeshadow.

As I mentioned, I wore Pixie Dust dry for this look. I did find I needed to pack on the colour to get the little opacity I got, so I'll definitely be using Epoxy next time, but I like that this also doubles as an inner corner highlight. 

What I liked:
  • Gorgeous glowy shimmer with or without Epoxy (or a similar product)
  • Bargainous price - just $1.99 for a 5g jar (containing approx 0.6g).
What I didn't like:
  • Needs Epoxy or similar to be opaque and to really see the grey base
Where to buy:
Have you tried any TheBodyNeeds eyeshadows? Anything I should try?


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