Star Kin - Con. Shift Swatches & Review

Purchased by me

Hey lovelies,

I have an absolutely gorgeouuuusssssss Star Kin to show you today. Con. Shift is one of Star Kin's newer releases, a scattered holo with a purple-green duochrome. Prepare for PIC SPAM!

OPI - Nail Envy
Star Kin - Con. Shift, 3 coats

Formula was stellar, as per usual with Star Kin. It built up perfectly in 3 easy coats and dried to a glossy finish by itself. There is the tiniest hint of brush strokiness which didn't worry me too much. The duochrome is really visible, it's definitely not the kind that needs a black base to pop! So in short, mo' Star Kin = mo' awesome.

Star Kin polish is run by two amazing ladies, Ami and Harriet - both of whom are members of our polish group on Facebook. Ami also runs the blog Everysensory and Harriet blogs over at NailhilismYou can buy Star Kin polish here (NZ shipping only sadly), and follow the Star Kin blog for updates here.


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