Korean Polish Spam #4

Hey lovelies,

Let the spam continue!

Peripera BK504, 4 coats

I prefer this polish layered, it's quite sheer on its own. Good glitter distribution though. You can see it layered over black here.

Etude House Color Pop - Blue Jungle Pop, 2 coats

Fabulous colour and equally fabulous formula. Did I really need another royal blue creme? Probably not, but I regret nothing.

Missha - Blood Sand, 2 coats

This is an absolutely gorgeous texture polish. The formula was a bit goopy and could do with thinning, but it was still manageable. Opacity was great too.

Pretty Serious - Forbidden Fruit, 3 coats
A'Pieu Twinkle Nail Touch - GA01, 1 coat

I wasn't such a fan of this one. A lot of the glitters have a reflective curl, and the colour combination just wasn't for me. Formula was only okay, I had to fish for glitter a little, resulting in too much of the sheer grey base on some nails. 

Tonymoly Nail Shuffle - SH02 Star Ring Peach, 3 coats

Star Ring Peach is a pretty neon peach crelly with lots of matte glitter. Formula is a little sheer - you can still see some visible nail line - but it builds pretty evenly and the glitter distribution is good.

Sparitual - Too Hot To Handle, 2 coats
A'Pieu Twinkle Nail Touch - GL01, 1 coat

This is a fun one with great glitter pay off, very easy to apply. Not much to say, no complaints here!

Essie - Lading Lady, 3 coats
Tonymoly GI08 Jingle Bell, 2 coats

This discontinued holiday glitter led me a merry chase, but it was worth it! Twice I ordered it from stores that appeared to have it in stock, only to have my order cancelled and refunded :( That's the trouble with many Korean e-tailers - they only purchase the items you've bought after you've ordered, some of them don't actually keep a complete inventory. Finally I managed to win an auction for it on Ebay. The glitter pay off is a little sparse, so needed two coats and a little fishing for the finished result, but I really like it. 

I'm working my way through my Korean polish swatches at the moment, so hopefully I'll have more to share soon :)


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