A Fyrinnae A Day: Pixie Epoxy Review

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Hey lovelies,

Today's Fyrinnae is something every make up lover needs in their collection! Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy is a must for sheer, shimmery, glittery and duochrome shadows.

I purchased a full size tube of Pixie Epoxy, which contains 9ml of product in a 10ml tube. The packaging is simple and functional with a clear ingredients list.

The applicator is a doefoot sponge, just like a lipgloss. Because I find this product makes eyeshadows a little harder to blend, I like to apply primer and apply & blend out a crease colour first. I then go for the Pixie Epoxy, wiping any excess product off the applicator and dabbing a bit on each eyelid before using a finger to blend it across the lid evenly. I then apply my eyeshadow over top using a patting motion. This combination has given me unprecedented wear from my eyeshadows, clocking over 14 hours which is simply amazing on my oily lids!
You do need to be careful not too use to much or it will crease, after a bit of trial and error, I find using just enough to be able to spread a thin even layer of product across my eyelids works perfectly for me.

Here are some swatches showing the magic Pixie Epoxy performs on eyeshadow! Each eyeshadow is swatched dry on the left and over Epoxy on the right, photographed in sunlight.

Fyrinnae Enchanting Otters

Fyrinnae Arcane Magic - Alchemist's Curse

Revlon  Diamond Lust - Neptune Star

Revlon Diamond Lust - Night Sky

Fyrinnae Monarch

What I liked:
  • When paired with a primer, provides long-wearing colour for 14 hours +
  • Amps up the colour pay off of most shadows
  • Brings out the shimmer, duochrome or glitter in applicable shades
  • Helps the glitter in glittery shadows to adhere
  • Great price - $2USD for a 1.5ml trial tube or $7 for a full size tube containing 9ml.
What I didn't like:
  • Not recommended for matte shadows
  • Can be a little tricky to blend shadows over this
Where to buy:
Have you tried Pixie Epoxy?


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