A Fyrinnae A Day: Enchant Blush Swatches & Review

Hey lovelies,

A Fyrinnae A Day is slowly winding down - Enchant is the last of my blushes. Only thing to do is to order more, right? :p

All of the Fyrinnae blushes I purchased are minis; the mini blushes are packaged in a clear screwtop jar with a label on the bottom. I couldn't see anywhere on the Fyrinnae site how much product is in the mini blushes, but I would guesstimate that it'd be the same as the eyeshadow minis, which contain 1/3 teaspoon of product.

Fyrinnae's description:

Vibrant peach with a touch of pink shimmer. Very bright in the jar, but soft once blended. Our most popular blush since 2006. Intense color saturation; start with a minimal amount. Lip-Safe, not eye-safe.

Enchant is a stunning coral with subtle pink shimmer. My camera freaked out at the brightness in the jar - Fyrinnae weren't kidding! The arm swatch is accurate though. I adore coral blushes so this is right up my alley. Enchant is highly pigmented so you do need a light hand, and I found it a little stiff to blend out, but definitely workable and worth the results.

What I liked:
  • Great colour pay off 
  • Fantastic price - $1.75USD for  a generously sized sample, and a little goes a LONG way.
What I didn't like:
  • A little tricky to blend
Where to buy:
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  1. That is a beautiful look on you! Love the blush - it looks hella bright in the jar but so pretty on the cheeks!

  2. Hey lani, I wondered how you go about applying it lightly given the open top jar it comes in? Do you swirl it from the lid or something? Looks like a generous sample. Juliet

    1. Good point Juliet! I very verrry lightly tap the powder with my brush, then tap off any excess before applying :)