A Fyrinnae A Day: Aye, Captain Swatches & Review

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Hey lovelies,

Derp! I wrote up a whole big post about this last night and then blogger ate it instead of saving. I never really believed that could happen until it started happening recently. That must be how it gets you - waits til you trust it completely and then BAM!
Anyway, here's today's Fyrinnae, Aye, Captain. I've skipped a few days because there are only two more to go after this and I know the desire to place another order will only increase when this feature is done!

Aye, Captain was a free sample included in my order. I'm not sure how much the samples contain, perhaps half as much as the minis.

Fyrinnae's description:

Aye, Captain is a "glowing", complex chartreuse filled with varying hues of green and yellow. It's not pastel, but a semi-sheer sparkle shade much like Otherworld. Used over regular primer or blended over other shades, it is a great highlight or main color. But over a sticky base (or color base like black or white) it's a vibrant gleaming pop of color.

Swatched dry (left) and over Epoxy (right). Aye, Captain is sheer and sparkly when applied dry and needs a sticky base for opacity and for the larger shimmer to adhere. If you've ever tried MAC's Crush Metal pigments, the texture of Aye, Captain feels very similar, it's quite chunky and requires care during application. As it is, I still experienced fall out while paired with Epoxy and the fall out continued throughout the day. It is a stunningly sparkly shade but you kind of have to commit to glittery cheeks wearing this. It does still require a bit of building to be opaque even with the Epoxy too.

What I liked:
  • Beautiful, sparkly shade!
  • Great price - the eyeshadow minis are $2.25USD (containing 1/3 teaspoon - I purchased all minis), full size jars are $6.25USD.
What I didn't like:
  • Needs to be built up to opacity even over Epoxy
  • Fall out city!
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