LunatiCK Labs Apocalipsticks - Queen of Horror, Sucker Punch Pink and Bullet Proof Heart Swatches & Review

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Hey lovelies,

I've been super excited to show you these lippies, but the week of sunshine we were forecasted was overrun by clouds! *Shakes fist at sky* I finally managed to get a lip swatch of Sucker Punch Pink in a glimmer of sunlight yesterday, which I'd forgotten to do when I wore it initially. Darn weather. I've really gotta start playing with my new lighting to see if I can get colour accurate lip swatches with them.

Anyway! I've been wanting to branch out into indie lippies lately, so I started looking around on some blogs and found some great reviews for LunatiCK labs. When I popped onto their site, their Apocalipsticks were being sold in temporary packaging at a discounted rate ($7.50USD) as the brand has been working on super awesome new bullet shaped lipstick tubes. I figured it was a great time to try the brand with them being so well priced and I'm so glad I made the leap!

My order arrived really promptly - I ordered on the 21st of February, it shipped on the 25th and was with me a week later on the 3rd of March. Everything was carefully packaged in bright green tissue paper and confetti! Love the attention to detail.

I picked up three shades, Sucker Punch Pink, Bullet Proof Heart and Queen of Horror. The temporary packaging is a click style pen with a brush applicator, which I'll show you in further detail below. Do bear in mind that they're no longer available this way, so if you purchase these they'll come in the new packaging when it's available :)

All three shades swatched on bare skin.


Edit: This post was updated 24th March 2015 with new, more colour accurate lip swatches and full face shots.

LunatiCK Labs Apocalipsticks - Bullet Proof Heart Swatches & Review

Bullet Proof Heart is a bright blue based red with shimmer. There's just enough shimmer to add nuance without veering into frosty territory. It has fantastic pigmentation and amazingly for me, I didn't notice any feathering when I wore it without lipliner! (Most red and darker lipsicks feather something chronic on me). It was neither hydrating nor drying. Must compare this with MAC Viva Glam Rihanna - I have a feeling Rihanna is a bit lighter and more shimmery though.

LunatiCK Labs Apocalipsticks - Sucker Punch Pink Swatches & Review


LunatiCK Labs Apocalipsticks - Sucker Punch Pink Swatches & Review

Sucker Punch Pink is certainly aptly named! It's a wham pow bright pink with great opacity. This shade settled into liplines ever so slightly, was mildly drying and I did notice minimal feathering after a few hours. Sucker Punch Pink easily lasted 5+ hours before coming off with food, leaving some faint staining. I really enjoyed wearing this one, it's lighter than my other bright pinks and so mucn fun.

LunatiCK Labs Apocalipsticks - Sucker Punch Pink Swatches & Review


LunatiCK Labs Apocalipsticks - Queen of Horror Swatches & Review

Oh Queen of Horror, how I adore you. I threw this one in my cart to challenge myself to wear something a bit deeper than my other vampy lippies. Honestly I wasn't too sure I could pull it off but as soon as I tried it on I was in LOVE! This has ended up being my favourite of the three, I've already worn it again, so check back on Sunday to see it again in the FOTD round up :) The formula on Queen of Horror is a little sheerer and less even than the other two shades I'm reviewing but it's worth the effort in  my opinion. I did experience minor feathering even with a lipliner, and it wore well for 4 hours before wearing away completely with an oily meal (I don't know any lippies that can withstand Maccas though! :D). Like Sucker Punch Pink, it was mildly drying. I did also find this lippy gathered in the corners of my mouth a little after a few hours wear. So all in all, this shade was the most high maintenance of the three, but if you love a vampy lip as much as I do you'll agree it's totally worth it!

LunatiCK Labs Apocalipsticks - Queen of Horror Swatches & Review

This was a great introduction to LunatiCK Labs for me and I'm definitely keen for more! In fact I may have been stalking the LunatiCK Labs site a little :D Come onnnn new packaging!!

What I liked:
  • Fantastic colour pay off and texture
  • Gorgeous colours! All of them - but especially starry eyes at Queen of Horror :)
  • Lasting power was pretty stellar - 4-5 hours +

What I didn't like:
  • Experienced minor feathering and settling into liplines with Sucker Punch Pink and Queen of Horror.
  • Sucker Punch Pink and Queen of Horror were also mildly drying.
  • I don't love the temporary packaging - the click style pens don't really suit the formula, which is thick on the brush applicator but spreads well when on the lips. This is a minor gripe since they're no longer available this way however!
Where to buy:

What do you think of these lipsticks? Will you be checking them out?

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  1. Great post Lani,
    I love Sucker punch pink.
    Queen of horror compliment ur hair colour