Guest Post from Little Porcelain Princess: Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Moist Mist

Hey lovelies,

I have a special treat for you today! The beautiful Becca from Little Porcelain Princess and I are guest blogging for one another :)

Hello Princesses! 

I'm Becca from Little Porcelain Princess, and I'm super excited to guest post on the lovely Lani's blog! I met Lani through the NZ Polish Addict group on Facebook, and quickly discovered that we share the same interest in Korean beauty products!  

Today I'm going to be reviewing one of my very favorite possessions, my Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Moist Mist! I picked this up from RoseRoseShop for $7.80(USD) last year when I was suffering from dry, dehydrated skin due to my Acne medication - Doxy-50. Since I generally have oily to combinations skin, I had no idea how to care for dry skin, and no products specifically for dry skin! All of my foundation and BB Creams made my skin look dry, dull and flakey, so I decided to invest in a dewy setting spray.

There are two different Pocket Bunny Mists - the Moist Mist for dry skin, and the Soft Mist for Oily skin. They are both 60ml with a nozzle spray, and come in the cutest bunny packaging! They're a perfect handbag travel size, but not quite pocket size. "This Mist contains fruit ingredients, which provides moist feelings onto your face, keeping makeup calm a day. Also it control the grade of oil in your face, you can apply it anytime the face is getting slippery." (1)

The Pocket Bunny Mist is a little taller than a regular lipstick, but a lot chubbier! My Moist Mist has a permanent place on the pink side of my drawers! ^.^

The bunny head pops easily off to reveal the little spray nozzle. This mist contains French Celtic water, which is one of the world's finest waters, providing a good balance of minerals for optimum hydration to the skin keeping it healthy and well-replenished. It also claims to contains fruits like Peaches, Raspberries and Apples, but I cannot find a proper ingredients list anywhere!

You can use this mist two ways, before your makeup as a light moisturizer, or after your makeup as a dewy setting spray. I prefer to use it after my makeup to give my skin a healthy moist glow. To use, just hold the bunny 20cm away from your face and mist as needed. I don't love spraying water on my face, so you can see me flinching in the second photo! ><

In the Before photo, my foundation has been mattifyed with a translucent finishing powder. The Misted photo shows the mist freshly applied, (it reminds me of little raindrops!) and the After photo shows the mist after it has dried. After the mist has dried, my skin instantly looks healthier and glowier!

Things I Love
- Makes my skin look glowy and healthy
- Dewy finish without looking oily
- Smells lovely and fresh
- Relatively cheap
- Easy to use
- Absorbs fast, no sticky residue

Things I Don't Love
- Doesn't help my makeup last any longer
- Doesn't provide much hydration as a moisturizer

Final Thoughts
I absolutely adore this little bunny mist! It can be a real savior if I accidentally powder my face a little too much, or if my skin is just looking dry and dull, because it gives me a gorgeous dewy finish without looking oily. I wish that it helped my makeup stay longer, but personally, the cute factor kinda makes up for that! I definitely want to purchase the Soft Mist too!

Lani, thank you so much for letting me guest post on your blog! I hope you guys enjoyed my review! ^.^


  1. Just followed your blog from Becca's. :)

    I'm actually excited to see this and the oily version when I move near a Tonymoly next month. :)

    Check out Skincare Myths Everyone Should Know on my blog, SampleHime.

    1. Thanks for heading over! :D I'd love to be able to go to a Tonymoly store!