Blistex Limited Edition Lipbalm - Tangy Mango Mania Review

Purchased by me

Hey lovelies,

Did I buy this lip balm solely because it has a moustache on it? No. No sir, I did not. I bought it because Noel wanted one, it was in a twin pack AND it had a moustache on it :D

Blistex have recently released a limited edition lip balm duo in the scent 'Tangy Mango Mania'. You get two identical lip balms which smell exactly like Sweet Orange flavoured Raro. Do any other kiwis remember eating that stuff out of the packet as a kid? (Dentists everywhere just shuddered in horror). We used to devise elaborate schemes to sneak packets out of the house and eat it in the backyard. Good times. 

The balm is a translucent white which does faintly show up as a pale cast on lips. It's SPF15 and feels moderately hydrating. It's not as intensive as a lip conditioner but it does a good job.

More importantly, you can do this with it! :D

Noel loves his lip balmtoo. Here he is cuddling it.

Pure mischief.

What I liked:
  • Bargain price, and you get two of them!
  • Smell super yummy (and has me nostalgic for childhood, and contemplating buying some Raro).
  • Moderately hydrating
What I didn't like:
  • Some may not like the faint pale cast it gives to lips.
Where to buy:
  • This duo is currently available from selected pharmacies in New Zealand for $5.99NZD. It looks to be available in Aussie pharmacies too.
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