Nail Juice - Sprinkles Swatches & Review

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I have a beautiful polish from NZ indie brand Nail Juice to share with you today. Nail Juice is created by partners Steph and Dan and they certainly have a way with polish! Steph has been writing the blog Nail Juice since she was a teenager, I remember it was one of the very first nail blogs I followed. When Steph joined PANZ I fangirled a bit to say the least :D

Sprinkles is the polish that called to me the most when Nail Juice polishes were first released for sale, but there are plenty of others doing the old siren song. I'll link to the Etsy store at the bottom of this post so you can take a peek :)

This is 3 coats of Sprinkles without topcoat. Look how shiny it is! I apologise for the odd colour of my skin in these pictures, it was an overcast day when I wore this so a little tweaking was required to show the colour of the polish accurately. Application was great, it wasn't at all streaky - amazing for a white! The glitter distribution was also good, no manipulation or dabbing required here.

Nail Juice polishes are a little higher priced than some brands at $18.00-$20.00 a bottle, but the way I think about it is that it's still cheaper than OPI, Orly and Essie etc retail for in New Zealand - and I'd much rather support a kiwi brand and a friend :) Plus there's the cost of supplies - not cheap to get to NZ I imagine! - and the time and love spent on each bottle.

Nail Juice is only shipping to NZ only at this stage, thanks to NZ shipping rules being archaic and annoying :p

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