Forgotten Swatches: Random Polish Spam!

Hey lovelies,

So I mentioned the other day that I'd been cleaning up my Picasa and editing & filing away a lot of blog photos. While doing this I found a bunch of swatches I'd never gotten round to uploading to my Picasa web albums, so here they are!

Zoya - Robyn, 2 coats

I love the colour of Robyn! I've had this polish for years, and this bubblegum blue shade still makes me smile. Formula is great too.

Zoya - Robyn, 2 coats
Pop Culture Cosmetics - Minion Party, 2 coats

Good glitter distribution and formula but I think I would have preferred this without the iridescent glitter.

Orly - Fancy Fuchsia, 3 coats

Gosh, I love this colour! When I first bought this polish I likened the application to 'painting with really pretty concrete', but after a decent helping of Seche Restore, we're great friends.

Orly - Fancy Fuchsia, 3 coats
CR #78, 2 coats

How cute is this blue glitter from dollar store brand CR? I love when cheap brands bring out unique polishes. Formula was a tad goopy while the glitter needed a little dabbing, but it was definitely worth it.

Jordana - Purple Dynamite, 3 coats
CR #46, 2 coats

#46 has the same formula as #78, so I won't repeat myself too much. Lovely glitter colour combo.

Orly - Frolic, 3 coats

This one could do with a little thinner to ease application - it wasn't interested in self-levelling. Pretty colour, although unfortunately not flattering on me.

Zoya - Neely, 3 coats

I love mint cremes, but I found Neely a bit too prone to streaking for my tastes - and I have enough mint cremes that the streakiness was a dealbreaker for me.

Nubar - Star Sparkle, 3 coats

Check out that sparkle! An aptly named polish. Good formula with great glitter distribution, though a little sheer still at 3 coats.

China Glaze - It's Poppin', 3 coats

A classic pink from China Glaze. The shimmer makes it a little prone to brushstrokiness, but I still love this polish - it's one I've had since I first started collecting polish 5 years ago. I should replace this bottle actually, it's almost finished and has been thinned quite a bit.

Butter London - Bumster, 3 coats

Good formula, but I couldn't get into this colour on me. I think a like a bit more yellow in my ideal mustard shade.

I've still got a tonne of unposted swatches, so expect more spam posts soon :) Thanks for stopping by!


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