Etude House Candy Stick #1 Strawberry Candy

Hey lovelies,

I have another adorable bit of Korean make up to share with you today. Oh Korean cosmetics, how can I resist your adorableness?

Okay, the obvious answer there is that I can't. The low prices, great packaging and wide diversity of products - it's all too much for me.

Today I'm sharing my swatches and review of Candy Stick #1 Strawberry Candy from Etude House's Sweet Recipe line.

Strawberry Candy is a pink balm stain presented in gorgeous candy cane packaging. The product twists up from the bottom and the cap closes very securely. This is great to pop in your handbag for a low effort hint of colour on the go.

It's a very subtle colour on the lips, but you can build it a little more than what I'm wearing here. The colour also builds if you're reapplying throughout the day because of the stain effect.

A FOTD featuring Strawberry Candy, and Patrick! :)

This doesn't quite take the place of a lip balm for me, but I do feel the Candy Stick provides light hydration, making it comfortable to wear for long periods. The balm texture doesn't last more than an hour or so on me, but the stain lasts much longer - easily 5-6 hours with normal snacking and drinking. I really want to try the orange shade next!

What I liked:
  • Lightly hydrating balm texture
  • Lasting, subtle stain effect
  • Love the packaging!
What I didn't like:
  • If I'm being fussy, I'd have loved a bit more hydration from this product.
Where to buy:
Have you tried the Candy Sticks? Do you like them?
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  1. Such a cute baby! I love the lip balm packaging that it come with but I think this could be a little bulky to throw in your handbag etc. It may also look a tad bit weird outside of Christmas but hey I'm open to it :D The colour is beautiful.


    1. Thanks! My handbag is pretty cavernous by necessity, LOL, so there's plenty of room in it for this, but I guess it could be a little bulky for others.