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Hey lovelies,

I have some recent manis to show you! My base for all of these is OPI Nail Envy and my top coat is Seche Vite (I miss my Glisten & Glow HK Girl! *Sniffle*).
Recently my nails have been well behaved in an unprecedented good way! I've been taking magnesium to help with Braxton Hicks contractions, and that coupled with OPI Nail Envy seems to really agree with my nails. I've even had to file down my problem nails - my index and middle fingernails - because they were getting too long! On more than one occasion! WHAT IS THIS MADNESS.

OPI - Opening Night Gold, 4 coats

Mmmm, black label OPI. This was a bit sheer but built up nicely and the holo effect is gorgeous. I'm a sucker for these nude holos!

NailNation 3000 - Glow Worm, 3 coats

I love the base colour of this one, but I was pretty disappointed by the little black flecks in it. I don't know if they are supposed to be there, but they disrupt the holo effect and make me cranky.

Chi Chi - Unnamed Chartreuse. 4 coats

I adore this colour, but the formula is streaky and sheer. I'm hoping it can be redeemed by layering it over a similar base colour, because the shimmer in this pretty-ugly shade is so pretty.

OPI - Emotions, 3 coats

I'm not usually big on textures, but I freaking LOVE this. In fact I now need ALL the black textures. My nails felt so bad ass wearing this, LOL.

Dollish Polish - Totes Magotes, 4 coats

Please forgive the shrinkage here *glares at Seche Vite*. I have mixed feelings about Totes Magotes. I absolutely love the colour and holo effect, but found the formula to be prone to bubbling and sheerer than I'd like. I've got some serious lobster hands going on here, but I swear it wasn't that bad in real life!

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