Rainbowlicious Dinosaur Soap Review

Hey lovelies,

I have something fun for the kids to share with you today - a neon orange glittery dinosaur soap by Rainbowlicious Soaps & Scrubs! Rainbowlicious Soaps & Scrubs is a local family run company making gorgeous soaps, scrubs and more. Now that I'm on maternity leave I'm taking a tonne of baths (good for preggy aches & pains!) and making the most of their lovely products - hopefully I'll have some more reviews up for you soon! For now, I wanted to share this dinosaur soap which Noel and I bought from their stand at the Paraparaumu Strawberry Festival in November. How awesome is this??

The soap is decently sized and is great for little hands! It has a subtle scent I can't quite place, perhaps a bit of vanilla? Despite the glitter, you won't come away from a handwash looking like you've just broken out of a glitter factory - it rinses away as you wash. The lather is good, and it's pretty moisturising for a soap; none of that horrible dry, stripped feeling some soaps leave.

Noel just loves using his dinosaur soap to wash up. It's been wonderful as part of his toilet training, both in teaching him about hygiene and as a bribe to go to the loo! 

If you're in the Wellington region and you're keen on some lovely bath products, do check out Rainbowlicious. They make lots of amazing smelling and ultra-realistic cake and dessert-themed products too - my Mum and sisters got some for Christmas from Noel :)

You can check out Rainbowlicious Soaps & Scrubs' Facebook page here.


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