Korean Polish Spam #3

Hey lovelies,

It's time for another edition of my Korean polish spam! If you'd like to see more, you can find my previous posts here and here.

Essie - Knockout Pout, 3 coats
Missha - Swing Petal #1 Pink Petal, 2 coats

Another lovely bar/feather glitter topper, I love the soft satin finish to the glitter. The base on both the Swing Petal polishes I have is rather thick (you can see #3 Violet Petal here) which can make application a little goopy, but the base keeps the glitter suspended well.

Tonymoly GT05, 3 coats

Great application, but a bit of a top coat eater. I love the tiny sparks of copper glitter in this polish.

Etude House Ice Cream Nails - PP501 Blueberry, 3 coats

A gorgeous lilac tinged with grey. This is really unique in my collection and has a lovely formula.

Etude House Ice Cream Nails - PP501 Blueberry, 3 coats
Etude House XOXO Minnie #5 Minnie Silver Ribbon, 1 coat

My second favourite polish from the XOXO Minnie collection! I love how delicate this glitter topper is. The base is quite thick to keep the larger glitter suspended and the glitter is a little sparse, but I didn't have to fish for the larger glitters.

Peripera GR314, 4 coats

This polish is gorgeous with nice glitter distribution, but it's very sheer. Must try layering next time.

Diva - Pretty In Pink, 3 coats
Modi #121 Cartoon Hero, 1 coat

Squeeee, how cute is this? I want to wear this combo again just looking at this picture. Great glitter distribution and formula. Go buy Cartoon Hero now!

Butter London - Jack the Lad, 3 coats
Missha Dazzling #4, 1 coat

Lovely glitter density in a perfectly balanced base. I think you could probably get this opaque on its own.

China Glaze - Ahoy! 3 coats
Missha Dazzling #7, 2 coats

Again, another one with a great formula. I couldn't get into this glitter combination, but the density and application is great.

Essence Color & Go - Miss Universe, 3 coats
Innisfree #96 Sugar Jelly, 1 coat

This gorgeous opalescent topper reminds me of Lynnderella Bride Of Franken, just without the shimmer in the base. Great formula (yes, I'm starting to sound like a broken record!).

Etude House - XOXO Minnie #1 Minnie Red, 3 coats

While the glitters in the XOXO Minnie collection are pretty awesome, the cremes let the collection down a little. Minnie red is a lovely brick red with a smooth formula, but it's still not completely even at 3 coats. I'd recommend passing on this one, there are better reds out there.

Etude House - XOXO Minnie #1 Minnie Red, 3 coats
Etude House - XOXO Minnie #6 Minnie Black Face, 2 coats

This polish is officially my favourite from the XOXO Minnie collection (despite the awful name!). The colour combination and glitter assortment is awesome. This one dries to a satin finish.

OPI - Mod About You, 3 coats
Skinfood Party Tok - Silver Party, 1 coat

A pretty silver holo topper with great glitter pay off. No complaints here!

VOV #5448A, 3 coats

This is a great twist on the much duped Deborah Lippmann Glitter in the Air - I love the addition of magenta glitter. Great formula too.

Etude House Ice Cream Nails - PK001 Strawberry, 3 coats

I love this colour, but found the formula a little streaky. 

Etude House Ice Cream Nails - PK001 Strawberry, 3 coats
Etude House XOXO Minnie #3 Minnie White Face, 2 coats

I found this glitter a little harder to work with than the other ones from this collection. The Mickey faces  kept wanting to slide all over the place, but at least they didn't require any fishing. Must try this over a darker pink to make the iridescent glitter pop.

Etude House Juicy Cocktail Graduation Nails - #1 Screwdriver - Step 1, 3 coats

The first shade in the Juicy Cocktail Graduations Nails set is a very pretty & smooth peach jelly. Builds up nicely, but definitely not a polish you could wear completely opaque (at least not without emptying that tiny bottle!).

Etude House Juicy Cocktail Graduation Nails - #1 Screwdriver - Step 1, 3 coats
Step 2, 2 coats

The second step in the Juicy Cocktail Graduation Nails set is a super cute sheer orange with iridescent glitter. I love how effortlessly these shades blend together!

Etude House Juicy Cocktail Graduation Nails - #1 Screwdriver - Step 1, 3 coats
Step 2, 2 coats
Step 3, 2 coats

The final step in the Juicy Cocktails Graduation set is this bright orange jelly with iridescent glitter. It's a really close match for China Glaze Dreamsicle.

Mavala - Aquamarine, 3 coats
Tonymoly GR01 White Snow, 1 coat

White Snow is a gorgeous topper in the vein of Lynnderella Love, Lace & Lilacs, right down to the secret shimmer. I have Coverband Love, Lace & Lawsuits so couldn't justify keeping them both, but the formula on this is great, just ever so slightly sparser than Love, Lace & Lawsuits. Witness:

Love, Lace & Lawsuits is on middle and pinky, White Snow is on index and ring. 1 coat each over China Glaze It's Poppin'.

Etude House XOXO Minnie #2 Bubble Pink, 3 coats

Like Ice Cream Nails - PK001 Strawberry, the colour is gorgeous, but this was a bit streaky. It did level out nicely though.

China Glaze - Flirty Tankini, 3 coats
Etude Play #147, 2 coats

Another polish that performed well, I just couldn't really get into it aesthetically. 

Etude House Ice Cream Nails #4 Strawberry Stars Candy, 3 coats

The hardest to find glitter from the Sweet Recipe collection! I lusted after it for ages and then didn't like it on me when I got it. Typical! :P Despite this, the formula is really good, although the stars are nearly impossible to find - I couldn't see any in the bottle but there was obviously at least one hidden in there!

Etude House Play #170, 2 coats

I love this colour combination, and the formula and glitter distribution were great. Unfortunately frost and glitter isn't really my thing, but points for creativity - I haven't seen anything else like this.

Australis - Mates Rates, 2 coats
Etude House Play #166. 2 coats

Here comes the broken record again - great glitter distribution and formula :D No complaints here.

Modi Juicy Nails #31, 3 coats

Surprisingly decent formula for a neon yellow! I wanted this to be a bit more chartreuse like the promotional images - but we all know how difficult neons are to photograph. This is more colour accurate than the promo images I saw, although still not completely perfect. Darn you neons!

Are you feeling the Korean polish love? See anything you need to add to your polish collection?
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