Korean Polish Spam #2

Hey lovelies,

I have a rather hefty Korean polish spam post for you today... and there are still more Korean pretties to swatch in my untried box!

If you're hunting for more Korean polish swatches, you can find my previous spam post here.

Innisfree #123, 3 coats

Awesome formula and opacity! I blame Grace at Polish Armoire for making me need this one :D

Etude House Dear My Party Nails - PPP503 Celeb Girl, 3 coats

These Korean brands do the glitter and crelly base thing so well. Another one with a great formula and glitter distribution.

Tonymoly GT04 Neptune, 2 coats

I've still got to try this one with top coat, but it's so lovely already! Amazing opacity.

Sparitual - Emerald City, 4 coats
Innisfree #107 - Libra, 2 coats

Still looking for the perfect base colour for Libra. It's such a stunning glitter with a great formula.

Catrice - Run Forest Run, 3 coats + Kleancolor - Pearl Jungle, 1 coat
Innisfree #109 Cassiopeia, 2 coats

I must layer Cassiopeia over a darker base, it has gorgeous iridescent glitter that wants to come out to play! Lovely formula, if a little sparse.

Aritaum Modi #81 Wild Strawberry, 3 coats

I feel like this is a little too glitter dense for my tastes, but the formula is great. I might try one coat over a pink creme next time.

Innisfree #91, 3 1/2 coats

Gah, sorry about my index nail peelies! Lovely yellow with contrasting green shimmer which is unfortunately a little shy on the nail. Pretty standard formula for a yellow.

Color Club - Winter Affair, 3 coats + Tonymoly GR17 Devil Kiss, 1 coat

Star Kin - Purple Haze, 3 coats
Etude House If Nail Story Kit #1 - Halloween Witch, 1 coat

I wasn't really sure whether I'd like this polish on, but it's a stunner! The glitter pay off is great, you could get it opaque on its own but I chose to layer it over Purple Haze since the base colour was a perfect match.

Etude House RD302 Ruby Red Sand - 2 coats

Promo pictures for this looked like it would be a lot darker :( This is a very close match for OPI The Impossible, sans stars.

China Glaze - Red Satin, 2 coats
Tonymoly GR18 Ice Dance, 2 coats

Great glitter distribution, no fishing required here!

Etude House Ice Cream Nails BE101 Banana - 3 1/2 coats

Still hunting for the perfect yellow! I think this one would perform better if I used a ridge filler first.

Peripera RD705 - 4 coats

This is super cute, but quite sheer.

Peripera P031 Sky Blue - 3 coats

Pretty sky blue shimmer, ever so slightly streaky but I forgive it because it's so lovely to look at! Dries with a soft floral scent too.

Peripera P031 Sky Blue - 3 coats
+Etude House Dear My Party Nails PPP502 Purple Romance, 1 coat

Great glitter distribution!

Star Kin - Cashmere, 3 coats
Missha Swing Petal #3 Violet Petal, 2 coats

This is the first of the currently trendy feather/bar glitter polishes I've really gone gaga over. The base is a little thick, but the colours are so gorgeous! I don't think you could ever get this opaque on its own, but I prefer these polishes layered so I'm fine with that.

Etude House Dear My Party Nails - OR202 Peach Shower, 3 coats

Drop dead gorgeous colour, but a little streaky.

Etude House Dear My Party Nails - OR202 Peach Shower, 3 coats
Etude House Dear My Party Nails - OR203 Coral Party, 1 coat

A little bit of fishing required for glitter here, but a really pretty polish.

Etude House Dear My Party Nails - PP501 Violet Sherbet, 3 coats

This purple creme has a brightness that's pretty unique in my collection! Great smooth formula.

Etude House Dear My Party Nails - PP501 Violet Sherbet, 3 coats
Modi #163 Electric Lavender, 1 coat

This Modi glitter is so darn cute! Great glitter distribution, the base is just enough thick enough to suspend the polish without being goopy. I love that it has the secret shimmer typical of Lynnderella polishes too.

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