Star Kin - Gold Rush Swatches & Review

Hey lovelies,

A few days ago I shared bottle shots of my pretty new Star Kin polishes. Today it's time to share my first swatch!

Meet Gold Rush. It's a stunning blue to purple duochrome with gold flakies and subtle holographic shimmer.

Check out the holo sparkle!

You know those duochromes that take 50 billion coats for opacity on their own, or need to be layered over black? The ones that flash tonnes of colours in the bottle but look flat on the nail? That you have to tilt your nails at increasingly awkward angles just to get a hint of duochrome awesomeness?
Yeah. Gold Rush is not one of them.

This was 3 easy coats, topped with HK Girl topcoat. I used Butter London Nail Foundation as my basecoat.

I'm not usually one for dozens of different photos of one polish, but honestly, I'm not even sorry.

Star Kin polish is the brainchild of Ami and her mother Annette, both of whom are members of our polish group on Facebook. Ami also runs the blog Everysensory. I first got to try Gold Rush at a polish party in Palmy on my recent road trip and fell in love right away. I wore it for days. And I knew I needed a bottle of my own. Bet you do too ;)

You can buy Star Kin polish here, and follow the Star Kin blog for updates here.



  1. I love your photos! And what a lovely, lovely write up, thank you! <3

    1. Thank you for making lovely polish!