PANZ Nail Polish Challenge: Favourite Colour

Hey lovelies,

Recently a couple of the lovely ladies in the polish group I'm a member of on Facebook set up a nail polish challenge. We'll participate on a weekly basis and there'll be a bit of nail art, which I am excited to do some more of!

Our first prompt was nice and easy to start with - our favourite colour! I chose the best colour ever :D GREEN!

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Hardener
NYX Girls - Emerald Forest, 3 coats
Seche Vite

I got Enchanted Forest off Annemarie aaaaages ago but it's been lingering in my untried for ages because it's pretty close to Zoya Ivanka, which I also own. Not there's anything wrong with having dupes of a colour you adore :D I love this complex green glassfleck. Formula could have been better, it as a little thick and gluey but evened out well. Thinner would probably fix it up in a jiffy.

Want to see some other favourite colours? I'll add more links as the girls post:


If you're in NZ and keen to join the polish group, you can request access here. We're really friendly :)


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