Hey lovelies,

Yep, I'm still hanging out for my new camera lenses to arrive! I will never take them for granted again! For now, here are some pictures of Noel from his first day at a playgroup we're going to start attending.

Noel spent 70% of the time at playgroup in one of the two Little Tikes cars they had there, haha. He is rapidly becoming obsessed with cars. When we were out shopping today he was pointing to all the cars in the carpark and saying "Tar! Tar!" for car ^_^
Noely had a haircut earlier this week, he looks like a young man! I think his long crazy hair suits his personality more though :) Here the two of us are at my sister's 21st the weekend before last:

I hauled a few goodies from Postie Plus in Porirua today, hopefully I can take some photos by the end of the week to share with you! :D


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