March Empties

Hey lovelies,

My first empties post! I haven't done before because I don't typically get through a lot of products in a month, but I'm making the effort to use up samples and the last bits of things I've had laying about, so I thought I'd start. There might be some repeats with basic products like make up wipes and polish remover though!

I finished my second Maybelline Master Precise liner early in the month. I really like this liquid liner, especially for the price (around $20NZD at pharmacies and selected supermarkets). It's not as opaque on the first pass as some liquid liners I have tried, but it builds quickly & easily without causing the liner to crack - something I have experience with other sheer liquid eyeliners *narrows eyes at Clinique*. As I said, this was a repurchase and I'll probably purchase it again in the future; currently I'm having a flirtation with a LA Colors liquid liner. What I like about the Maybelline liner is the convenient pen style, and the fine tip allows for a lot of precision. Winged eyeliner with this pen is very easy.

Another repurchase! This is my second tube of MAC Studio Sculpt foundation to bite the dust, and I really like it. It's an excellent medium coverage foundation which builds well. I may repurchase it again, but I think I'd like to try other foundations from MAC's range - perhaps something a little less dry. Studio Sculpt itself isn't drying, but it can cling to any dry patches, even with a primer. You get a lot of product for the $70NZD it retails for here, it's taken me a bit over a year to empty this tube. Even so, I folded it up like toothpaste and squeezed the last of it out into an old Lime Crime magic dust jar, so I'll get a few more applications before I have to buy another foundation.

I've had this sample tube of Too Faced Shadow Insurance for years, neglecting it in favour of Lime Crime's primer. I discovered it in my make up cabinet recently and decided to finish it up. I didn't find it better or worse than the Lime Crime primer, they're much of a muchness to me - neither give me crease proof lids - my eyelids are very oily. The hunt for the perfect primer continues!

Swan polish remover is a cheap find from Uncle Bills - I believe it's under $3, which appeals to my budget! It doesn't dry nails out and is an effective remover - no complaints here. I usually buy several bottles at a time so that I always have a supply :)

What did you get through this month?



  1. Love my Shadow Insurance! I'm on my second tube already hehhe :P

    1. It is fantastic stuff! Thanks for stopping by :)

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