Comparison Spam!

Hey lovelies,

I have some polish comparison swatch spam for you today. Enjoy!

Index and ring finger:  Kleancolor Golden Nightmare
 Middle and pinky: BYS Black & Gold
2 coats each. Golden Nightmare dries grittier, both need top coat for maximum impact.

Index and ring: Catrice - Meet Me At Coral Island
Middle and pinky: China Glaze - High Hopes
3 coats each. Okay, bear with me - there is a very small difference in these two. High Hopes is ever so slightly brighter, Meet Me At Coral Island is a touch lighter and dustier. 

Index and ring finger: Maybelline Colorama - Cupid's Wing
Middle and pinky: China Glaze -  Frosty
Four coats each

Ring & pinky: Petites - Tahitian Green, 3 coats
Index: Kleancolor Mystic Grass, 3 coats
 Middle: Maybelline Be Scene In Green, 2 coats
Same colour family, but all pretty different!

Jesse's Girl Confetti and Sally Hansen DVD, 4 coats each. I call dupes!

Index and ring: Color Club - Peace Out Purple, 2 coats
Middle and pinky: Color Club - Gimme a Grape Big Kiss, 3 coats
Peace Out Purple is lighter, more opaque, cooler toned. Gimme A Grape Big Kiss pulls more red, more neon, has a sheerer, more jelly formula. It smells like grape bubblegum, which is awesome, but I'm not such a fan of the colour.

Index and ring: Wild Rose, 2 coats
 Middle and pinky: Metallic Pink, 1 coat
Wild Rose is darker, dustier, with silver shimmer. Metallic Pink is more vibrant, more opaque and is more brushstrokey. 

Index and ring: OPI - Stranger Tides
Middle and pinky: Essie - Navigate Her
Both 3 coats. Stranger Tides is greyer and lighter. Navigate Her is yellower, brighter. Stranger Tides has the nicer formula, it's sooo smooth, though Navigate Her is more opaque (you can get away with 2 thicker coats for opacity).

Middle and pinky: China Glaze - Agro
Index and ring: Mode - Eco Warrior
2 coats each. Eco Warrior is a hair lighter and more golden, but Agro has more depth.

Index: Australis - Blue Tiger, 2 coats
Middle: Kleancolor - Kawaii Stuff, 2 coats
Ring: Essence Nail Art Twins - Chuck, 2 coats
Blue Tiger dries to a satin finish, the other two dry glossy. I love them all!

Index: Kleancolor - Bikini Envy, 3 coats
Middle: Color Club - Twiggie, 3 coats
Ring & pinky: Kleancolor - TLC, 4 coats 
They're all a lot more different than the picture shows, my camera freaked out, haha

I hope this was helpful!



  1. Great post! Thanks for all the comps! I love comparison spam. I have to go check now, I think I both the Jesse's Girl and Sally Hansen lol

    1. I'm glad it was helpful :D Thanks for stopping by!