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Hey lovelies,

So I mentioned the other day that I wanted to challenge myself to use my DIY eyeshadow palettes more. The first step toward this was photographing and labelling the palettes for the blog, so here is a spam post showing off that handiwork for you! Sorry this has taken me a day or two almost a week, but hopefully it's worth it!

If you have any questions about colours or would like to see swatches, just let me know :)

Things to note:
  • Everything is MAC unless otherwise stated.
  • Some of the pigments are listed as Pro, this means they are permanently available at MAC Pro stores, but they are sometimes promoted in MAC's LE collections (source:
  • All collection information sourced from
  • The pigments and glitters are all hand pressed by me, there are great tutorials on how to do this on Specktra.You can buy eyeshadow pans for pressing your own pigments at TKB Trading. Isopropyl alcohol and glycerine can be purchased at your local pharmacy.
  • You can also find tutorials on depotting eyeshadows on Specktra.
  • Pigments are multi-purpose products, but not all colours can be used everywhere. Again, Specktra is a great resource to make sure the pigments you have are to be safe to used on the lips or eyes.
  • LE = Limited Edition
  • Be prepared to see me describe pigments as pigmented 50 billion times. It's been days... can't brain anymore, has the dumb.
EDIT: I've added affiliate links for Amazon where the items seemed reasonably priced and TheBodyNeeds (which offers MAC pigment samples) when I wasn't able to find a product on Amazon or it was exorbitantly priced. By shopping through these links you are helping to support the blog :)

  • Entremauve pigment. This is an old one, a LE pigment from a 2006 collection (NocturnElle) from what I can find online! 
  • Push the Edge pigment. Another LE colour, it's been repromoted a few times though (Venomous Villains, Make Up Art Cosmetics). A hair lighter than Entremauve, easier to blend too.
  • Violet pigment. Classic cool, sparkly purple. This is permanent.
  • Pinked Mauve pigment. This mostly appears in the mini pigment sets MAC do for the holidays, but was originally released in 2006 (Sweetie Cake). Great pigmentation.
  • Stars N' Rockets eyeshadow. This bright, fun duochrome is part of the permanent collection. 
  • Pink Pearl pigment. Pretty much identical to Stars N' Rockets - perhaps a touch pinker. They have the same blue flash. This is a Pro colour.
  • Circa Plum pigment. A super subtle purple, great for a neutral eye look with a twist.
  • Cheers My Dear! pigment! pigment. This was LE with the Tartan Tale collection a few years back, but I believe it's being re-released with Archie's Girls. This is a buttery soft colour, really lovely.
  • Kitschmas pigment. One of MAC's chunkier pigments, and permanent. It's super sparkly.
  • Lovely Lily pigment. Another lovely soft colour. This is a LE from Lingerie (2005), but has been repromoted since. It might even have been permanent for a while? Not sure.

Red/orange/peach/coral/I don't even know.
  • Heritage Rouge pigment. This is a Pro colour. Really pigmented and smooth, and it really pops with green eyes.
  • Accent Red pigment. Another oldie, this is from Rockoco (2006). I'm not sure that it's ever been re-released? It's a pinky red with lots of shimmer - lovely as a blush.
  • Ruby Red pigment. Another Pro colour! It has subtle gold shimmer and is darker than Accent Red. It's not eye safe, sadly, but it looks great as a lip gloss or as a blush.
  • Electric Coral pigment. This is a Pro colour, and it's so much fun. Great as a blush, even better as a lipstick. 
  • Hot Hot Hot eyeshadow. This was LE with Spring Colour Forecast 2, mine got a bit dinged up when I was learning to depot eyeshadows! Whoops. Nice colour though.
  • Acid Orange pigment. Pro, and really pigmented. I like this as a blush or lip colour.
  • Pink Bronze pigment. Perm. MAC do duochromes really well! I like pairing this with lots of eyeliner and lashings of mascara on the eyes. Wearing this under your lower lashes really makes the duochrome effect pop.
  • Off the Radar pigment. LE with Rushmetal (2007) I believe. Gosh, that was a good pigment collection.
  • Shockwave eyeshadow. This is depotted from the Fafi Eyes 2 (2008) quad. A bit of fall out, but pretty cute.
  • Melon pigment. I could have sworn this was permanent, but apparently it's not. What's up with that, huh MAC? Everyone needs this. It's a rich peach packed with gold pearl.
  • Gleam eyeshadow. Permanent. This is a little gritty and sheer (Lustres! *shakes fist*), although the colour is pretty.
  • Deckchair pigment. LE. I couldn't find much information on this, but I know it's hard to come by. It's really smooth and flattering on just about everyone.

Blues! Which look horrid on me.
  • Deep Blue Green pigment. Pro. Gosh, I love this - it is so smokey and shimmery.
  • Plumage eyeshadow. I love Plumage in the pan, but I don't think I've ever used it :s That's crazy! This is permanent.
  • Blue Storm pigment. Not sure when this came out, sorry! It's lovely and pigmented though.
  • Naval Blue pigment. Pro. Rich blue pearl, lovely.
  • Bell Bottom Blue pigment. Another LE, this time from LE from Naughty Nauticals (2008). I really like the visuals from that collection. Blue Storm, Naval Blue and Bell Bottom Blue are all much of a muchness. I only have them all because... well, I'm weird.
  • Steel Blue pigment. This is a Pro colour and it's really lovely! Another awesome duochrome.
  • Cornflower pigment. Yep, another duochrome. I told you MAC does them well :) Cornflower manages to be bright and ethereal at the same time.
  • Blue pigment (Rebelrock version). I love the brightness of this shade! I feel like it's pretty dupable, though.
  • Sugarpill Starling Chromalust. A very nuanced, sparkly shade. Love!
  • Partylicious pigment. This was LE with the Alice + Olivia collection, and I'd kind of like a back up. It's really pigmented, and flattering, even though blues look gross on me as a rule. Great under lower lashes. 
  • Jewel Blue eyeshadow. This is a permanent shade, and it's really creamy for a matte. I like this on the lower lash line too!
  • Aire De Blu pigment. One of my first pigments! I've mislabelled this photo, oops. Guess I was going with the French vibe! This is a little powdery. It was LE with Danse (2006)
  • Mutiny pigment. This is LE from Naughty Nauticals (2008) - I like it, but it feels a little dated. Hm.
  • Azreal Blue pigment. This popped up in She Shines (2006), I'm not sure if it's appeared since. Another one I feel is a bit dated.

The smokey one!
  • Carbon eyeshadow. Matte black, permanent! I can't say I reach for this, or black eyeshadow in general much. But it does its job.
  • Black Tied eyeshadow. Sooo sparkly. This is permanent too. This shade does suffer quite a bit of fall out though.
  • Dark Soul pigment. Perm again. This is a nice shimmery black, lot of silver sparkle.
  • Divine Night eyeshadow. This looks really lame in this shot, but it's actually quite pretty. It's from the Dame Edna (2008) Wisteria eye trio, and has multicoloured shimmer (mostly blue and purple).
  • The Family Crest pigment. This was released with A Tartan Tale (2010) and is a blackened bronze with lots of sparkle. It looks amazing wet. I like using it for a smokey eye.
  • Bloodline pigment. LE with Fabulous Felines 
  • Later. pigment. Smokey indigo shimmer, LE from Alice + Olivia (2010), but re-released the same year with A Tartan Tale. Works best when used wet.
  • Moonlight Night pigment. Another one from A Tartan Tale, it's a blackened teal with green shimmer. I haven't reached for this one much, but I love it in the pan.
  • Softwash Grey pigment. Another one that pops up in the mini pigment sets, I love the blue flash this shade has. Very nuanced.
  • Silver Ring eyeshadow. This is a permanent shade, and it's awesome. I like using this in the crease and on the lower lash line with a white shadow all over the lid, a la Doe Deere in this photo.
  • Fineshine eyeshadow. Another depot from the Dame Edna Wisteria trio. This is the lightest silver I own, it's pretty.

Golds/yellows! And a Copper. No more room in the neutral palette, you know how it is.
  • Gold pigment. Oh my gosh. Apparently this has been discontinued, which is madness, because it's AMAZING. So pigmented, and well and truly metallic. 
  • Golden Lemon pigment. This shade has been discontinued now too, sadly. It is pretty, but quite sheer. You really need a coloured base to make the most of it.
  • Bright Future eyeshadow. This was released with Style Warriors (2009) and is a semi-sheer, shimmery yellow.
  • Copper pigment. Pro, thank goodness, because like Gold it is super metallic and a little goes a LONG way.
  • Old Gold pigment. Pro. Lovely gold/green duochrome, really soft and pigmented.
  • Gorgeous Gold eyeshadow. This is like the junior version of Old Gold, it has the same duochrome but is paler and less intense. I believe this is a permanent shade.
  • Soft Force eyeshadow. Another from the Style Warriors collection, this was my first ever MAC eyeshadow! Can you tell? LOL. It's a lustre, so not terribly pigmented, but it's great all over the lid and as a highlight. In fact, that's how I wore it yesterday! LE.
  • Bold As Gold eyeshadow. Soft and sheer, this is another LE from the Fafi 2 quad.
  • Gold Dusk pigment. This is an oldie (but definitely a goodie!), it's from Sundressing (2006). Another buttery soft shade, just lovely. Pops up in pigment vials sometimes.
  • Provence pigment. Gosh, lots of old ones today. This was originally from D'Bohemia (2005), but has been re-promoted a few times. It's a bit more powdery and prone to fall out compared to Gold Dusk.
  • Nylon eyeshadow. A permanent shade, super frosty! But in a good way, somehow. Frost = good? Who am I?!

  • New Fixation pigment. This was LE with Stylishly Yours (2010/11).
  • Bright Fuchsia pigment. Sadly this has been discontinued. Such a shame, it is so velvety and pigmented, and the shimmer is gorgeous.
  • Brash & Bold pigment. LE from Make Up Art Cosmetics, this is a little dry and sheer, but the colour is pretty.
  • Fuchsia pigment. Perm. Super frosty! 
  • Madly Personal pigment. As you can see, this one didn't like being pressed - must be more matte than I thought! From the same collection as New Fixation.
  • Rose pigment. This is chunky and a little harder to work with, but it's gorgeous. Permanent.
  • Royal Flush pigment. LE from Colour Forms (2008), this is slightly boring, but smooth, opaque, and really easy to work with. Great as a blush.
  • Dear Cupcake eyeshadow. LE with Sugarsweet (2009), this is so darn cute. A little stiff and dry, though.
  • Revved Up pigment. Another LE one from Rushmetal, I can't recall if it has ever been repromoted. Lovely as a lid shade or cheek highlighter. 
  • Give Me Liberty of London eyeshadow.
  • Helium pigment. Baloonacy (2007)
  • Hoppin' eyeshadow. 

Okay, I must apologise for the state of this palette. Pressing glitters is a bit trickier, get the glycerin/alcohol ratio slightly wrong and it seems some of them go yuck over time. Or perhaps it's just something about certain colours? Anyway. I have to throw half these out. My disgust will be noted by the shades. It's not indicative of the shades, so don't let it put you off!

Also, all of the Glitter Brilliants and Reflects range is permanent, except where noted.
  • Purple Glitter Brilliants.
  • Glamour Doll Eyes Hot Mess. 
  • Fuchsia Glitter Brilliants. This has darkened over time :(
  • Crystalled Pink Glitter Brilliants. LE/Discontinued? I'm not sure, but the Crystalled range is so gorgeous!
  • Crystalled Purple Glitter Brilliants. LE/Discontinued?
  • Blue Glitter Brilliants.
  • Jewelmarine. LE - poor Jewelmarine, do Google this one, because it is amazeballs. I need to dig out my jar to show you guys.
  • Glamour Doll Eyes Techno.
  • Turquoise Glitter Brilliants.
  • Chartreuse Glitter Brilliants.
  • Reflects Turquatic
  • Jam Session. LE. Chunky purple! This is so cool.
  • Copper Glitter Brilliants.
  • Reflects Bronze.
  • Reflects Antique Gold.
  • Reflects Blackened Red.
  • Red Glitter Brilliants.
  • Reflects Rust.
  • Reflects Copper - mislabelled as Bronze, sorry!.
  • Pink Glitter Brilliants.
  • 3D Gold Glitter Brilliants. Gross. 
  • 3D Copper Glitter Brilliants. 
  • 3D Silver Glitter Brilliants. Vomit. This looks nothing like 3D Silver, I know. Something funky's gone on with the glycerin mix over time. Straight to the bin with this and the other 3D glitters! Luckily I have loose jars of these still.
  • Reflects Transparent Pink.
  • Gold Drift. I can find very little information on this shade, but it's identical to Reflects Gold. Except it hasn't gone gross over time.Win?
  • Reflects Gold. Bin...
  • Reflects Blue.

Neutrals! And a green. Cause that's how I roll.
  • Rich Life pigment. This was LE with All Ages, All Races, All Sexes (2010). It's a lovely dark brown, but the silver glitter in it can be prone to fall out.
  • Blue Brown pigment. Gorgeous red-based brown with blue duochrome. Why muck around with fancy names, right MAC? Permanent.
  • Chocolate Brown pigment. I couldn't find much information on this one, but it pops up in pigment vials now and then. It's a rich coppery brown, really pigmented and easy to work with.
  • Gold Stroke pigment. Antiquitease (2007). Pops up in pigment vials now and then. Sheerer than Chocolate Bown.
  • Copperbeam pigment. Overrich (2008). I love this one! It's so rich and smooth.
  • Sunpepper pigment. She Shines (2006). Pretty red based brown with green duochrome. 
  • Mauvement pigment. LE from Rushmetal, dirty taupe shimmer. Just lovely.
  • Antiqued eyeshadow. I don't think I've ever used this aside from swatching it o_0 It's a permanent shade.
  • Honey Lust eyeshadow. Another permanent shade, it's pretty chunky but so pretty.
  • Copper Sparkle pigment. This is also a chunkier shade, but so unbelievably gorgeous. This is also permanent. 
  • Rushmetal pigment. LE with the eponymous Rushmetal collection, this is like a smoother version of Copper Sparkle.
  • Mega-Rich pigment. LE from Overrich, another easy to work with shade.
  • Cocomotion pigment. LE with Rushmetal, I really love this as a lid shade!
  • Sunnydaze pigment. Yet another LE, this time from She Shines. I like this one a lot too.
  • Tan pigment. Permanent. I find this a little warm for me.
  • Gold Mode pigment. Another piggie from Rushmetal, 
  • Goldenaire pigment. I believe this was LE with Lingerie, perhaps in 2005? It's old, at any rate! Very pretty, though dupable.
  • Jardin Aires pigment. Yes, another LE, this time from Strange Hybrid (2007). Very close to Dazzleray.
  • Dazzleray pigment. Another release from She Shines, much of a muchness with Jardin Aires. I do like these shades though.
  • Stacked 2 Crushed Metal Pigments. Another LE Spring Colour Forecast 2 release. Originally I had these pressed in quarters, but they got shattered (I'm so clumsy!) and now they have been repressed into a kind of swirl... pretty though!
  • Golden Olive pigment. Permanent collection. This was one of my first MAC pigments! I still love it.
  • Lily White pigment. This was LE with Sweetie Cake (2006), but it pops up again now and then in holiday pigment vials.
  • Shimmertime pigment. LE from She Shines, but I think it pops up in vials? Pretty pinky peach shimmer. 
  • Fairylite pigment. Released with Rockcoco, this is a pretty, neutral shade, but has microglitter that is prone to fallout.
  • Vanilla pigment. Permanent. This is a cult favourite for a reason, I adore it. So pigmented, and infused with heavy gold shimmer.
  • Frozen White pigment. This is a fun colour, it has an intense blue flash. I'm not sure how old it is, but it's been in a few pigment sets.
  • White Gold pigment. Pro. I find the name White Gold odd, because it flashes blue a lot of the time. Anyway. It's nice, although a little chunky.
  • Frost pigment. I'm not sure when this came out originally... pre-2006, anyway. Your basic white shimmer, a little chunky.

Greens! My favourite colour :)
  • Birds & Berries eyeshadow. This was limited edition with the Give Me Liberty of London collection in 2009.
  • Teal pigment. Permanent and SO gorgeous.
  • Steamy eyeshadow. Gosh, this has had a bit of love, hasn't it? This pretty is part of the permanent collection too.
  • Shimmermoss eyeshadow. Can you tell I have an affinity for these shimmery teal shades? Another permanent shade.
  • Mood Ring eyeshadow. This was part of the Heatherette Trio #1 palette. A little sheer, but so lovely and delicate.
  • Antique Green pigment. Gorgeous blackened green, permanent.
  • Spiritualize. This was LE with Metal Urge in 2008. It's a nice green, but not my favourite.
  • Night Light. She Shines (2006)
  • Sweet & Punchy eyeshadow. Limited edition with To The Beach back in x This is such a unique, bright shade. I can't say I've worn it much, but I love looking at it in the pan. Hopefully this will change soon!
  • Swimming eyeshadow. Part of the permanent range, this is a lustre finish which has never really appealed to me. To be honest I'm not sure I like it. Hmmm.
  • Gilded Green pigment. This is from Colour Forms (2008) and it's a dirty cool green. I'm a bit meh about it.
  • Lucky Green eyeshadow. Oh baby. This is permanent now (formerly Pro) and it is such a sexy green. Very pigmented, very smooth, you need this.
  • Lime eyeshadow. I think this may be pro? Not sure. Pretty matte lime green.
  • Golder's Green pigment. Eeeeep, I need more of this! It's such a lovely shade of green with subtle gold pearl. It was LE with She Shines.
  • Bitter eyeshadow. Pretty chartreuse shimmer, pretty sure it's permanent.
  • Pastorale pigment. Originally released with Danse in 2006, I'm never sure if I like this or not! It's very powdery, and always looks a little anaemic to me. Hmmmmmm.
  • You're Fresh eyeshadow. This is from Fafi Eyes 2, it's a little more yellow toned than Pastorale. Quite powdery though.

The random palette!
  • Romping eyeshadow. This was part of a Hello Kitty quad, Too Dolly. Mine has seen better days, it shattered and had to be repressed and it's not very nice to use now :(
  • Royal Tour eyeshadow. Part of the Dame Edna Royal Tour trio. 
  • Milk pigment. Another Hello Kitty release. A little gritty, but a very cute colour.
  • Yogurt eyeshadow. Also part of the Hello Kitty Too Dolly quad, but I think it pops up now and then - might even be perm? A really nice lid shade if you're pale, also good for blending.
  • Juxt eyeshadow. A permanent shade - I'm not sure why the heck it took me so long to get this, I adore it!
  • Pink Opal pigment. White with a pink flash, part of the permanent collection. This is gorgeous as an inner corner highlight!
  • Copperclast pigment. Pretty red based brown with green shimmer - less intense and warmer than Blue Brown pigment. This was LE with Jewelescent (2006).
  • Most Darling pigment. This one comes from the Tartan Tale pigment vials. It's pretty, but very sheer and powdery.
  • Museum Bronze pigment. A pro shade. I really love this, it's velvety and easy to work with.
  • Style Snob eyeshadow. This is one of the Starflash shadows, and it's easy to work with, but perhaps a bit warm for me.
  • Gift O' Glamour pigment. Another one from the Tartan Tale pigment vials. I'm just missing Jigs & Jives now! It will be mine... Anyway, this is lovely. Very metallic, great as a lid shade.
  • Naked Lunch eyeshadow. I'm pretty sure this is a permanent shade, and it's a great all rounder. I like it both as a lid shade and as a blender/highlighter.
  • Lithe pigment. This was LE with Fabulous Felines, so if you ever see it, snag it. It's so darn gorgeous.
  • Naked pigment. Maybe I should call this the Naked palette :p This is a permanent shade and really easy to wear. I do find it to be prone to fall out though.
  • Universal Mix pigment. LE with the All Ages, All Races, All Sexes collection. So sparkly - it's like Vanilla on crack. Very fall out prone though.
  • If It Sparkles... pigment. This is just about identical to Pink Opal, you don't need both. If It Sparkles... was LE with the Alice + Olivia collection, and is ever so slightly sheerer and grittier than Pink Opal. But possibly sparklier.
  • White pigment. This is a pro shade and it is SO PIGMENTED. BOOM.
  • Wisteria eyeshadow. Another one from the Dame Edna Wisteria trio. Mine shattered :( I don't know that I've even used it yet!
  • Crystalled Orange Glitter Brilliants. I think this has been DC'd? I love glitters like this.
  • Silver Glitter Brilliants. Permanent.
  • Waternymph eyeshadow. LE from Lure (2006). So glowy and awesome.
  • Humid eyeshadow. Permanent. Gorgeous deep green, great on the lower lashline.
  • Chartreuse pigment. A pro shade. Just perfection.
  • Grape pigment. Perm. Such a gorgeous shade, but it's not eyesafe :( 
  • Kelly Green pigment. Pro. This one is the most intensely pigmented green I own. I love it!
  • Forest Green pigment. This pops up in pigment vials quite often. 
So there we have it! Phew. If you've made it this far, congratulations. You deserve a gold star! Or possibly banana cake.

This isn't even all of them :| I have a few more MAC eyeshadows I'm yet to put in the palettes, plus my collection of matte pigments (mattes are hard to press without turning them into pretty coloured concrete!) and some extra glitters. Eep.

Sugarpill can be purchased at their website, or at Gracie Lou for New Zealanders.
Glamour Doll Eyes can be purchased at their website here, however I think their glitters may be discontinued?
MAC is available worldwide (their website has a list of locations), and there are counters in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin in New Zealand. There is a MAC Pro store at Britomart in Auckland which has a great range of pigments. The remaining MAC stores I have been to don't tend to have the permanent pigments, generally just the LE ones.

I was going to schedule this post, but I'm so pleased to have finally finished it that dammit I'm posting it now :P


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  1. *eyes pop out* Holy balls! This is just amazing :O

    1. Heehee, thanks! I have a problem...

  2. You are the ONLY person I have found on the great wide web that has had glitters "turn" as I have- mine have been NYX glitters though. I have no idea whether or not that had anything to do with it or if it was my ratio at the time was never right. I have ONE gold VERY FINE glitter from TKB Trading that hasn't turned. I have almost all the others that have. I have a girlfriend that has a Chemical Engineering degree and she thinks it might be oxidation of some kind, and with those to use Vaseline, but I'm not sure if that would work very well in a makeup application- won't it start creasing and sliding really bad? any thoughts you can share with me on this would be helpful- thanks!

  3. You are the ONLY person I have found on the great wide web that has had glitters "turn" as I have- mine have been NYX glitters though. I have no idea whether or not that had anything to do with it or if it was my ratio at the time was never right. I have ONE gold VERY FINE glitter from TKB Trading that hasn't turned. I have almost all the others that have. I have a girlfriend that has a Chemical Engineering degree and she thinks it might be oxidation of some kind, and with those to use Vaseline, but I'm not sure if that would work very well in a makeup application- won't it start creasing and sliding really bad? any thoughts you can share with me on this would be helpful- thanks!

    1. Phew, I'm kinda glad I'm not the only one! What a pain it is :s I haven't tried experimenting for ages actually, maybe if I buy more glitters someday!

    2. I just restarted trying to press all my pigments and glitters again. I had several pigments 'dome" on me after pressing and was turned off for a while. I think the mistake I was doing was not letting them dry a bit before pressing. Then, when I thought I had that fixed (the first time), there was no transfer out of the pan. I think THAT issue was too much glycerine.... I think I have them now though as far as pigments are concerned.

      Could the issue with the glitters turning colors be with using too much alcohol (water) and not enough glycerin at the time of pressing? Which might in turn start rusting the pan and then make the glitters start "rusting"? I've been wondering that lately. I might try a TINY bit of glitters in an ever tinier bit of vaseline and see if that might work. I'll let you know.

    3. Definitely keep me posted! What finicky things they are!

    4. So far I think that I've determined that the "doming" is related to high humidity. The first time I was trying it I was in a hotel room (long story) where the AC unit was not doing enough dehumidifying, and the other day I noticed that they were doing it when my husband was working the C-clamp while I was in the shower. So..note to self- high humidity- NO pressing pigments!!

      I re-did all the glitters as well, and so far have NOT seen any discoloration. I switched to more glycerin- I figured that it would work better anyway, since the glycerin would a) allow me to pick up the glitter, and b) allow it to stick better anyway... So far so good, but I'll let you know if any of them turn. I'll try and get you pics too- do you have a facebook account?