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Hey lovelies,

What a busy weekend we had. Lots of fun though. Back to the grindstone with work on Monday, but it feels good being efficient!

On Monday I swatched a bunch of polish on my new swatch sticks, and them right on top of our bookcase out of Noel's reach. Unfortunately I laid them over my stack of Sleek and Wet N Wild palettes, which made them a little inaccessible when it came time to do my make up and go to work. I took this as a sign however, and decided to shop my stash for today's look!

I have this idea of doing a series of posts shopping my massive stash of MAC eyeshadows and pressed pigments. I have several 28 pan and 15 pan palettes of them and they need more love than I give them. I just need to photograph the palettes for reference, and then I can get into it :) I'm quite excited!

I had trouble choosing FOTD pictures today. This is going to sound weird, but I thought I looked really mean in most of them! And I'm really not! Gosh I'm weird. Anyway, here's the product break down:

MAC Marine Life blush

MAC Museum Bronze pigment all over lids and on lower lash line
MAC Showstopper eyeshadow in crease
Lime Crime Cleopatra Magic Dust in centre of lid
MAC Pink Opal pigment as highlight

ModelCo Sienna Sunset Liplights gloss

I really need to buy some more Duo lash glue. My tube is just about done after... 3 years, I think! Love that stuff. I tend to forget how awesome MAC pigments are, so it was fun playing with that again. Showstopper was a PITA, that shadow does NOT want to blend. Lime Crime Magic Dusts are now discontinued, but you might be able to find them at some e-tailers still.

Ooh, I almost forgot. I added tabs to the top of the blog, so now there's a link to my stash list! What else shall I include?


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