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Hey lovelies,

Today I have a spam post from an Australian brand, Mode. This polish is cheap as chips and of surprisingly good quality! You can find Mode in selected pharmacies for between $4.50 and $6. A very special thanks to my friend Nikita and her flatmate for lending me a few of their Modes to swatch for this post :)

This is a really small selection of Mode's range, they have a TONNE of colours. Amazingly, the majority of them are 2 coaters! Please enjoy the swatch spam :)

Mode Rock Me Sweet swatch

Rock Me Sweet, 2 coats

Mode Vicious Venom swatch

Vicious Venom, 2 coats

Mode Juicy Plum swatch

Juicy Plum, 2 coats

Mode Agro swatch

Agro, 2 coats

Mode Blue Steel swatch

Blue Steel, 2 coats

Mode Party Crasher swatch

Party Crasher, 2 coats

Mode Jaded swatch

Jaded, 3 coats

Mode Silk Champagne swatch

Silk Champagne, 2 coats

Mode High Fashion swatch

High Fashion, 2 coats

Mode Kiss & Tell swatch

Kiss & Tell, 2 coats

Mode Glitterati swatch

Glitterati, 4 coats

Mode Bahama swatch

Bahama, 2 coats

Mode Hook Me Up swatch

Hook Me Up, 3 coats

Mode Blueberry swatch

Blueberry, 2 coats

Mode Arsonist swatch

Arsonist, 3 coats

Have you tried any Mode nail polish?


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