Holo Spam + MUA Sale! [PICTURE HEAVY]

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Hey lovelies,

Yesterday was lovely and sunny. So what does one do on a sunny day? Swatch holos, of course! Enjoy :)

Color Club Fashion Addict swatch

Color Club Revvvolution swatch

Gorgeous, but needs thinning. It kept getting lumpy!

China Glaze FYI swatch

China Glaze - FYI, 3 coats

I love the OMG collection so much, it made me fall for holos. They're still my favourites.

Piper Polish Lime Green Dream swatch

Piper Polish - Lime Green Dream, 3 coats
This one was thick and prone to dragging and lumpiness - and sheer. It's an amazing colour though, so I'm hoping thinning will help.

China Glaze GR8 swatch

China Glaze - GR8, 2 coats

OPI DS Desire swatch

OPI - DS Desire, 3 coats

This is such a sexy polish. If you're lemming this one, don't give up! You never know where things will pop up. I found this bottle on Trade Me for $10 or thereabouts :o

Color Club Wild At Heart swatch

Oh my gosh. I can't even... just LOOK at it.

Petites Color Fever Black Diamond swatch

Petites Color Fever - Black Diamond, 3 coats
A lovely gift from the ever wonderful Dana. Thanks love!

Before I go, I have to share this amazing offer from MUA. Nicola kindly let our NZ polish group on Facebook know about this special, and we all proceeded to go a bit nuts. I did some gift shopping, and hauled far too many palettes for myself. It's my first order from MUA but I hear good things, so I'm super excited! The special only runs until the 24th so hurry!

Click here to go to the MUA site. Then come back and tell me what you got!


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  1. Haha - going a bit nuts is putting it mildly! I think we all grabbed some great bargains though. Thanks for the linky, and I'm loving all the holos :D Wild At Heart is my favourite out of these ones!