Holiday Nail Spam! [Pic Heavy]

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Hey lovelies,

Here are all the manis I wore while I was on holiday. I got through quite a few untrieds, and tried some of my brand new babies! I was also fortunate enough to paint the nails of several friends and family members, which made me (and them!) super happy. I really enjoy when I can share my hobby this way :)

PS. Sorry about the mixed quality of these - being on holiday means being away from my usual set up and routine!
I had some horrible breaks too, aaargh.

BYS Black&Gold swatch

BYS - Black&Gold, 2 coats + Seche Vite

My brother's girlfriend Alex's nails. Man I love Black&Gold. And it matches her claddagh ring! I have a longtime obsession with claddagh rings. I need to buy a new one as mine has warped and scratched from being loved to death. But I'm hoping my next claddagh will go on my ring finger as a traditional Irish wedding ring. Hint hint Michael... I'll just leave this here:

Nfu Oh #1, Sally Hansen Showgirl Chic and China Glaze Glistening Snow gradient

Nfu Oh #01, 3 coats

Aunty Nana Claire's nails! We decided to do a glittery icey look, I love the way this turned out.

Zoya Alegra swatch

Zoya - Alegra, 2 coats 

MIL Tessa's nails. Such a gorgeous sparkly shade.

Daring Digits Master Shake swatch

Daring Digits - Master Shake, 3 & 1/2 coats

This is what I wore for Christmas! Master Shake was a gift from my Polish Elf, Lisa. I love it to bits, but I think I'll thin it before trying to use it again. The best way I can describe this is gluey. If you've ever tried the PVA base coat method, painting with this is much the same! Well worth the effort in my opinion though.

Lynnderella Sweets to the Sweet over Essie She's Picture Perfect swatch

Lynnderella - Sweets to the Sweet, 2 dabbed coats

Gosh I adore She's Picture Perfect. I like this pairing but not as much as I thought I would. Must keep trying different combinations with Sweets to the Sweet. Right now I just want to wear She's Picture Perfect again though!

Wet n Wild Born Into Privilege over black swatch

Wet N Wild Coloricon - Born Into Privilege, 2 coats over black

I scored this and a few other of these Wet N Wild glitters at a cosmetics outlet store at Dressmart Onehunga for $4 each. Score! Wet N Wild isn't usually sold here so I was thrilled :) I decided to wear one polish on each hand for this mani.

Wet n Wild Born Into Privilege over black swatch

The golder green colour shift in Born Into Privilege at play. This was my favourite of the shifts.

Wet n Wild Jewels For Your Highness over black swatch

Wet N Wild Coloricon - Jewels For Your Highness, 2 coats over black

Absolutely shocking photo of my right hand (it does exist!). Poor index finger had a crazy bad break :'( 

Wet n Wild Born Into Privilege and Jewels For Your Highness over black swatch

Both hands!

Pahlish Total Eclipse of the Heart gradient


Pahlish Total Eclipse of the Heart gradient


Pahlish Total Eclipse of the Heart, 3 dabbed coats for the gradient

New Years nails! Not sure why one of the nails looks out of focus on the shade photo. Perhaps all the glitter overwhelmed my camera! I really loved wearing this combination. 

Sally Hansen Showgirl Chic swatch


My sister Amy's New Years nails. She liked the look but hated the removal process, oops!

Ludurana Supremo swatch

Ludurana - Supremo, 3 coats 

Holooooooo! So divine.

Pahlish Toxic & Timeless over China Glaze Deviantly Daring swatch

Pashlish - Toxic & Timeless, 2 coats

I felt like I had stolen scales from a mermaid's tale to put on my nails while wearing this! Very pretty, although I need to stop putting metallics under glitters, I feel like it detracts from the glitter. Bad Lani.

Lynnderella Connect the Dots swatch

My final holiday mani! This is two coats of Lynnderella - Connect the Dots over alternating black & white nails (Santee Plus Black and Nfu Oh #01). I saw Manicure Addict do this look about a year ago and loved it, so I had to try it now that I have my bottle of CtD! I love it so much :)

Do you paint your nails while on holiday?


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