Deliriously Psycho!

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Hey lovelies,

I hope you had a great weekend! It was a long weekend here, so we had lots of family time and went to the beach and the park. We also picked up this amazing vintage cabinet! I'm totally in love. We're hoping to restore it soon, just need to get some tips from Mike's mum. It's perfect for our DVDs and board games (which were crammed in the linen cupboard out of Noel's reach) and it has a built in bookcase on the side! We had literally just been discussing getting more furniture to store our DVDs and books that morning before we stumbled across this treasure at the local recycling shop.

Noel at the park.

A beautiful day at the Island Bay park.

Felix says RAWR!


Wes relaxing in the garden.

Sausages and crispy noodles!

Love this boy.


Today I opted for bright, contrasting turquoise and orange! For my nails I chose L.A. Girl Delirious, from their Addict line which I completely adore. It's filled with gorgeous, glowy gold shimmer.

LA Girl Addict Delirious swatch

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Hardener
L.A. Girl Addict - Delirious, 2 coats

LA Girl Addict Delirious swatch

Crappy flash photo to show you the shimmer. Isn't it amazing??

I was feeling orange for make up today, so I went with it! Psycho lip tar reminds me of MAC Hibiscus, just matte.

OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) Psycho Lip Tar FOTD

MAC My Paradise blush

Wet N Wild Comfort Zone - left crease shade all over lid, left browbone shade as highlight
Sleek Oh So Special palette - matte brown in crease and on lower lash line, shimmery brown in centre of lower lash line
Wet N Wild Greed palette - matte cream to blend out on lower lash line

MAC Temperature Rising lip pencil

This was a much more successful attempt with OCC's lip tars, my lovely friend Leanne directed me to OCC's FAQ which indicated I was probably using way too much product! I need to return her lip tars to her this week but I think I may get my own tubes of NSFW & Harlot soon :)


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  1. Love the cabinet!! Noel is such a cutie. I think I need to add that polish to my wish list, it is soo pretty!

  2. Yay! Cats! Babies! Makeup! New furniture!
    You had a great weekend :D
    Though the librarian in me is itching to put all your books in order (even though I can see that you organise them into hardback and paperback).
    *twitch twitch*