Random Post: Christmas Tree, Strawberries & Christmas Pudding Nails!

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Hey lovelies,

Hooray! We got our Christmas tree up! On Tuesday I searched the garage for the third time and STILL couldn't find our decorations or the legs for our Christmas tree, so I gave up and bought a new one. Luckily the Warehouse has trees on sale that come with decorations! Boom, instant Christmas tree! I couldn't resist getting a few extra though. Here is some spam!

Felix guards the tree in a rare moment of restraint (he's usually batting all the ornaments off!)


Noel and Felix. These two are so funny! Noel can be a little rough, but Felix never seems to mind. And he lets Noel carry him around like this. Such a sweetheart.

Noel's new Christmas decoration (I got him a few other Noel ones too!). I joked on Facebook the other day that if and when we have more children, we'll need to get heaps of custom made Christmas decorations to compensate for the Noel decorations. That, or name the next baby 'Joy' or 'Merry Christmas' :p

On Tuesday I spent hours making a nail polish Christmas decoration, pouring half a bottle of Nubar Prize into a clear bauble.
Doofus that I am, I completely forgot that polish eats through plastic. What a waste of polish! I want to find some glass baubles... and cheaper polish to fill them with! Poor Prize!

Yesterday Noel & I sat on the deck in the lovely sunshine and ate strawberries dipped in icing sugar. And we drank strawberry juice. What can I say, we love strawberries in this family! I love spending time outside with the boys. Mike was working, but Felix joined us in playing outside.

Enjoying a spot of strawberry juice.

I love his grin!


Felix is getting so big!

Gosh, this is a bit of a random post! On a polish related note, I tried out Cult Nails Swanborne yesterday. It was darker and more yellow based than I anticipated, but I actually really like it. In the right light, the gold flecks give the polish a really special glow.

Cult Nails Swanborne Swatch

Cult Nails Swanborne Christmas nail art

Then I had a go at my first Christmas nail art for the year. It was pretty messy, but fun! I used Jordana Pop Art Contemporary White for the fruitcake's icing, China Glaze Red Satin for the cherries, and Butter London British Racing Green for the leaves. I really need to invest in some nail art brushes!

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful day :)


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