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Hello lovelies!

I have a spam post for you all today. I'm hoping to pop into town before work on Saturday to look at cameras. Hopefully I leave JB Hifi with a brand new camera, then I can get started on brand new content!
In the meantime I'm dipping into my folders of swatches I've accumulated, so without further ado, I present...

Revlon Swatch Spam!

Revlon Raspberry Rapture

Impossible to photograph - pictures this less orange, and more of a classic raspberry creme. Not unique, but it smells amazing!

Revlon Fire Fox

Fire Fox, 2 coats

I absolutely love this. Its true potential is revealed when you add top coat, but alone it is still gorgeous, and feels really sophisticated on.

Revlon Moon Candy - Cosmic

Moon Candy - Cosmic, 3 coats of the base, 1 coat of flakies on accent nails.

I'm not sure about this colour combination together, but the flakies are gorgeous. The colour shift is very similar to China Glaze Luxe & Lush.

Revlon Slipper over Maybelline Racing Rubies

Slipper, 2 coats over Maybelline - Racing Rubies, 3 coats.

I adore this combination.  I loved Scrangie's layering combo with Chanel Rouge Noir here so I wanted to pair it with a darker red too.  This looks so glowy and awesome!

Revlon Apricot Freeze Glimmer Gloss over Australis - Citrus

Apricot Freeze [Glimmer Gloss], 2 coats over Australis - Citrus, 3 coats.

Man, I love the two Glimmer Glosses I have. They don't seem to get enough love in the blogosphere. Over black they are pretty freakin' amazing, and they're a cute bit of sparkle over a matching base colour too. I don't know how easy these are to find outside of New Zealand now, but here they can be found at Cosmetics Plus stores for $9.90 (from memory).

Revlon Grape Glimmer Glimmer Gloss over Australis - Peek-A-Boo

Grape Glimmer [Glimmer Gloss], 1 coat over Australis - Peek-A-Boo, 3 coats.

Oh my goodness. Look at that shimmer. It's to die for! I want to layer this over everything.

Revlon Streetwear Splash or Midnight

Splash? Or possibly Midnight [Streetwear], 2 coats.

Great formula and opacity, but I'm not such a fan of blues or frosts. This went to a loving new home with Dana of Polished Claws Up.

Revlon Very Currant

Very Currant, 2 coats.

I'm not sure old this is, but it was a thrill to find a polish with an old Farmers price tag still on it. I don't know why I find that exciting, but I do, haha. A very pretty glowy colour, but I felt like I had others that were very similar, so this was gifted to Dana.

Revlon Peach Smoothie

Peach Smoothie, 4 coats.

This is so pretty. I don't know how much it suits me, but I'll keep wearing it anyway! The gold flecks really make the polish, and this is another of Revlon's lovely scented confections.

Revlon Orange Pop

Orange Pop, 3 coats.

So flattering, and it smells awesome too! Revlon really does scented polish well. This was a gift from Dana :)

Revlon Moon Candy - Galactic

Moon Candy - Galactic, 2 coats of the base colour, 1 of the flakies.

Man this is cool. The base colour is a deep blue jelly akin to Color Club's Blue-Topia, and the flakies are just divine. They are sparse, but I quite like them that way. This gorgeous thing was also a gift from the very sweet Dana. I hope these are released in New Zealand. I really want the grey duo with silver holo shards, and the purple duo too.

Revlon Belle over Jordana Boy Oh Boy

Belle, 1 coat over Jordana - Boy Oh Boy, 2 coats.

This is such a cute, albeit not unique, top coat. This is identical to Revlon Sparkle (which was being sold in mini bottles at NZ pharmacies recently) for those who were wondering. I had both, but purged Sparkle after I bought Belle. I had to have Belle because it is the name of a friend's sweet daughter that I used to babysit in Hamilton, I miss them both so much. 

Revlon Royal Cloak

Royal Cloak, 2 coats.

Check out those divine silver flakies! Such a gorgeous polish, great opacity too.

Revlon Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon, 4 coats.

Poor Blue Lagoon. What a rubbish swatch of a gorgeous polish. As you can see, I was running out of daylight, so the beautiful glassfleck shimmer is hard to see. I really need to sort out a lightbox. Formula was tricky and prone to cuticle flooding on this one, but worth it.

Revlon Sunshine Sparkle

Sunshine Sparkle, 4 coats.

Super gorgeous colour, but check out those lobster hands! Eek. On a side note, why can't my nails be that long again? :'(

Revlon Scandalous/Facets of Fuchsia

Scandalous (Facets of Fuchsia), 2 coats over Santee Plus - Black, 1 coat

This is an older swatch, from before I found a spot I liked taking photos in at our new house. Yuck!

Revlon Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball, 2 coats. 

I'm still not sure whether I like this or not! In the bottle it's awesome, but on me I think it looks a little dated and unflattering. This is from the Prismagic collection in 2003, but seems to pop up on Ebay now and then. 

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful day :) 

X Lani

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  1. OMG Peach Smoothie! That shimmer! Holy cow! I need! I'll keep my eyes open for the other Revlon flakies you're looking for, I haven't seen a display in a while but I'll keep looking! Revlon Cloak is freaking amazing! One of my fave polishes from last Fall!

  2. Glimmer glosses!! Fire Fox!! OMG so jelly over here! Great swatches <3

  3. Thanks! :D I've gotta do a Glimmer Gloss run for Danielle soon so let me know if you want in :)