Make Up & Polish Storage - Part One

Hello lovelies!

Today I thought I'd share some photos of how I store my make up and nail polish. Part Two might be a little time coming, as my darling son cracked the focus ring right out of my beloved Canon 400D yesterday. A blogger without a camera will never do! So it's off to hunt for a new one this weekend. Anyway, onto the stash tour ;)

My dresser with polish displays, everyday beauty products and jewellery.

China Glaze and Color Club on display

Color Club Polishes. There are quite a few more in my untrieds *blush*

China Glaze - Poor things need a good dusting!

China Glaze again...

More China Glaze!

Orly polishes. I need to move this display lower, this shot is all out of focus because I was standing on tip toes trying to get a good angle! Darn my shortness!

OPI - Again, there are more in my untrieds, but as you can see I have run out of room!
On display, we have:  
  • Getting Miss Piggy With It
  • Just Spotted the Lizard
  • It's My Year
  • Lucky Lucky Lavender
  • Grape, Set, Match!
  • Silver Shatter
  • I Lily Love You
  • Mad As A Hatter
  • Pink Cupcake
  • Rainbow Connection
  • Gone Gonzo
  • Russian To A Party
  • Show It & Glow It
  • The One That Got Away

My make up cabinet.
This was a gift from my partner Mike for my 21st a few years back. We scored it for about $70 on Trade Me. I insisted on painting it aqua (to his horror), and I love it so much! It's a little messy at the moment, but it holds all my make up and a few trinkets. In the cupboard part I keep my false eyelash collection, packaging that I've hung onto, bath & shower products that are not currently in use. Finally (don't tell Mike!) I often stash Christmas presents away in here for safe keeping.

Contents of the make up cabinets drawer. Here I keep MAC and Stila blushes, assorted eyeshadow palettes, MAC, Lime Crime, Sugarpill and Glamour Doll Eyes pigments/loose shadows, assorted lip balms and samples. There are also a few glitter eyeliners, depotted products and random eyeshadows.

Color Club Wicket Sweet display, eye products and lipliners. My everyday lipliners live in the make up bags I carry around with me, so the lipliner jar is looking a little empty! I love these jars, and wish I could find more of them. I picked them up from the Warehouse (sold as votive holders) back in 2008 or 2009 so I guess my chances are pretty slim!

House display.
This holds my MAC Paint Pots and Rimmel mousse eyeshadows, along with my OPI and Orly minis. You can also spot my two Glitter Gal holos, and my NARS, along with two of my YSL lippies and a travel sized set of Guerlain Meteorites.
I picked up two of these house displays at an op shop in Hamilton a few years ago for $4 each. I repainted the second display when I was expecting my son Noel and it lives in his room, displaying a few treasures - like the wee tag they put around his ankle when he was born.

Close up of the house display

Close up of the house display. Check the Glitter Gal holos!

I wanted to thank everyone for their very sweet comments and welcomes on my first post yesterday. It was such a nice surprise to read all your lovely comments in my email inbox this morning!


PS. Let me know if you would like me to list the other polishes displayed. I listed the fullsize OPIs as they are harder to see, but once you are a polish addict for a while you tend to be able to identify most polishes on sight, which is why I haven't listed the others ;)

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  1. OMG!! I'm drooling here! We definately need to get together and do some swapping and swatching, so glad I found more NZ nail girls! My "nice polish" collection is sad compared to this - 6 OPIs, 20ish(?) China Glaze and 1 sad little Orly!

  2. For sure! Hopefully we can have a Palmy catch up, but definitely let me know if you're in Wellington sometime!
    PS. My 'nice polish' collection has exploded of late!

    1. I was in Wellington yesterday, actually! Who knows, might be back sometime :) Haha as in super messy? I know all about that...

  3. As in I have bought waaaay too many :p