Hare - Pegasus

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Hello lovelies,

A quick post tonight before I edit some photos and head to bed. This is the mani I've been wearing the last two days, the divine Pegasus by Hare Polish. I was lucky enough to pick this up when Nikole restocked her Etsy store earlier in the month, and it arrived in the post last week along with Supernova Springs and A Positive. I've already worn Supernova Springs and can't wait to try A Positive! Every Hare I've tried so far, I have loved.

Hare Pegasus Swatch

Hare - Pegasus, 3 coats

Hare Pegasus Swatch

On the first coat, I'm not gonna lie, Pegasus looked really sheer and like it'd never build to opacity on its own. But I'm pleased to be wrong, no undies are needed for this beauty!
Now I'm plotting my next Hare purchases... I want ALL THE HARES!


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  1. Oh! It's really pretty. Very aptly named too.

    I recently ordered the entire The Illuminated Life collection. They'll be my first bunnies!

    To be honest, I was only going to buy Bury the Hatchetfish, but I'd missed the damn thing twice and who knew if I'd see it again, so in a moment of madness I bought the whole set. Can't wait for them to arrive, and you've made me more excited now!

    1. Oooh, very jealous of your Illuminated Life set! I hope they arrive quickly for you :) I'm sure you'll love them!