Cult Nails - Behind Closed Doors

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Hey lovelies,

Today I got some amazing nail mail from Cult Nails! I placed an order for the Behind Closed Doors collection when it was released as a set with preview pricing, and did a bit of Christmas shopping while I was at it. A few extras may have also jumped in my cart just because ;)

Cult Nails order

Check out the gorgeous tissue paper! I love the attention to detail.

Cult Nails order

I love the Cult Nails logo. Isn't it cute?
(Ps. I'm wearing Girly Bits Razzle Dazzle)

Cult Nails order

Burritos! I really like that they are labelled on the outside.

Cult Nails order

Maria is famous for her wrapping her polishes in little burritos! It keeps them nice and safe on their long trip around the world. Here they are all stacked up - Bitten was too impatient to stay hidden though!

Cult Nails order

All the pretties lined up, excluding the three purchased for Christmas gifts.
L-R - Gold flakes, Afterglow, Bitten, Flushed, Disciplined, Coveted, Enigmatic, Swanborne, Wicked Fast

And now for some bottle shots! I'm not actually sure what happened to my bottle shot of Afterglow. I'll take it again and update this post asap.

Cult Nails Bitten bottle shot

I'm painting my nails with Coveted now. Unfortunately I just broke the nail on my index finger of my swatching hand, so swatches may look a little ratty for a while :(

Cult Nails can be purchased here.


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  1. Ooh, I had plain red tissue paper around my bundle, liking your patterned one more! BTW Absolutely love Razzle Dazzle, it glows like crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I've changed my mind about coveted, think i like the flakes now.

    1. Coveted is gorgeous! I can't stop looking at my nails - stubby nail on my index finger and all!
      Razzle Dazzle is super gorgeous. SO SPARKLY!