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Hi! I'm Lani. I live in Lower Hutt, New Zealand, with my husband Mike, our three children Noel, Patrick and Ally and our cats, Wesley and Lola.

With the fam bam

I've always loved makeup and nail polish. I have fond memories of insisting my little sister and her friends let me paint their nails, and getting to play with Mum's eyeshadow when she and Dad were getting ready for a night out was a special treat. Once I was old enough to start wearing makeup myself,  my passion really took off! I love to experiment with makeup and have made it a central part of my artwork and photography in the past. It's remained a creative outlet over the years so it was only natural to make the move to blogging!

I really love blogging. I enjoy sharing my swatches and experiences, especially products that can be difficult to find accurate swatches for, like Korean and indie cosmetics.

Michael and I with our boys at our wedding


How do you do your swatches?
  • I swatch most eyeshadows dry on bare skin unless otherwise mentioned. Occasionally I'll swatch some of my loose or shimmery shadows (mostly indie brands) over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, which will always be mentioned in the post.
  • I swatch lip products on bare lips (unless I'm posting a layering combo, which will be mentioned in the post). During a long lip swatching session I do apply balm between swatches, but I remove this before the next swatch as I feel balm can affect the product's true texture and appearance.
What camera do you use? 
  • I'm currently using a Canon 700D with an 18-55mm lens. 
What lighting do you use?
  • For my arm swatches, product photography and nail polish swatches, I use a three point lighting set up with daylight bulbs.
  • My lip swatches and full-face photos are lit with a diffused ring light.

Photo Editing Policy

I use Photoshop CS6 and Picasa 3 to edit my photos. Any colour tweaks made are solely to provide the most accurate colour I can, I do not edit my photos to make a product look more pigmented or as though it performs better than it does in real life. I do not use filters on my images - this goes for Instagram too. I will use Photoshop to remove pimples, stray hairs, a dry bit of skin around my cuticles, etc unless I am demonstrating the effectiveness of a product designed for those areas. For example, I do not ever edit before and after shots of foundation, concealer, setting powders and so forth as it wouldn't give you an accurate depiction of how that product truly performs.

Got a question I haven't covered? Pop me an email at lanilovesblog@gmail.com

To contact me about product reviews or other general enquiries, please see my Contact Me page.


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