Lush Easter 2018 Collection Review

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Lush Easter 2018 Collection Review

I'm horrendously late with this post but luck appears to be on my side as the entirety of the 2018 Easter range is still on the Lush website! Woohoo!

Our family has been having a grand old time getting sudsy with this range, which is as cheerful and fragrant as ever. There are several products making their return from previous years and some new goodies too.

Lush Easter 2018 Wash Behind Your Ears Shampoo Bar Review

Wash Behind Your Ears Shampoo Bar ($16.50NZD, vegan) shares its name with the shower gel from last year's release but the name and a hint of carrot are all that the two share. Made with lemon and carrot oils (while the shower gel had carrot, rose, neroli and jasmine), it reminds me more of my beloved (and sadly discontinued) Montalbano Shampoo Bar, with its fresh, zesty fragrance and deep cleansing power. If you struggle with product buildup or stubbornly oily hair, I'd highly recommend Wash Behind Your Ears. It cleanses my hair thoroughly without making it feel at all stripped in the process. Additionally, I found it easier to create a lather with than other Shampoo Bars I've tried. I'm tempted to snag a back up before it disappears!

Lush Easter 2018 Which Came First Bath Bomb Review

Which Came First? Bath Bomb ($11.50NZD, vegan) makes a welcome return from last year and is again available in two varieties: stripes (pictured) or spots. The lemon and grapefruit fragrance is as effervescent and bright as usual and though Which Game First is one of Lush's more expensive bath bombs, it's worth noting that it's huge! You could definitely get a couple of baths out of it if you broke it up.

Lush Easter 2018 Which Came First Bath Bomb Review
Which Came First? Bath Bomb in action

LUSH Easter 2018 Free Rangers Bath Bomb review

Here's another super-sized bath bomb - well, it's actually more like two in one! Free Rangers ($13.90NZD, vegan) comes in three different colourways: purple, blue and orange (pictured) and shares its fragrance with Comforter. Fans will be familiar with Comforter's sweet bergamot and blackcurrant fragrance, which combines to something akin to jelly beans; it's a little more muted here but no less delicious. Great if you find Comforter a bit overwhelming.

LUSH Easter 2018 Free Rangers Bath Bomb demo
Lush Orange Free Rangers bath bomb in action (orange half)

LUSH Easter 2018 April Showers bath bomb review

Moving onto a more petite offering, April Showers Bath Bomb ($7.90NZD, vegan) may look more demure than some of the more technicolour bath bombs in this range but it's a showstopper in the tub. The violet fragrance compliments the purple-tinted waters this bath bomb creates, complete with the small puddles of cocoa butter that the raindrops form.

LUSH Easter 2018 Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt Review

Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt ($9.50NZD, vegan) is all you need for a bathtime experience worthy of King Midas (glitter-haters need not apply). It's scented with orange, honey and bergamot, a combination that comes together more harmoniously than I would have guessed, and turns the bath water into a shimmering golden-yellow.

LUSH Easter 2018 Poisson D'Avril Bubble Bar Review

Poisson D'Avril Bubble Bar ($10.50NZD, vegan) gave me a giggle and a bit of trivia (look out, quiz nights!) as I learned that Poisson D'Avril, or 'April fish' is the French alternative name for April Fool's Day. In France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and French-speaking parts of Canada and Switzerland, people try to surreptitiously stick paper fish to peoples backs as a prank, and April Fool's Day gags often include something fish-related as a clue that it is a joke. The more you know, huh?
This little fish is definitely no joke though, with black pepper, neroli, cinnamon scents tempered by grounding, woody oakmoss, softening what could be a sharp fragrance. It creates lots of fluffy bubbles amid blood orange bathwater.

LUSH Easter 2018 Cream Egg Bubble Bar Review

My waistline would have thanked me if I'd stuck to this kind of Cream Egg Bubbleroon ($10.50NZD, vegan) this Easter! The chocolate ones are a major weakness of mine and yes, I've seen the infographics showing how much sugar they contain and yes, I still ate my weight in them. Ugh. So delicious though. Like Freerangers, this Bubbleroon comes in three different options: Circles (shown), Spotty or Marbled. All share the same soft, cozy mint-chocolate and cocoa butter scent - the cocoa butter keeps it from being overly sweet.

LUSH Easter 2018 Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bar Review

The Bunch of Carrots Reusable Bubble Bar ($12.90NZD, vegan) is another returning product that I'm happy about as we can stretch the reusable bubble bars a looooong way (we still have some from Christmas 2016!). They don't crumble as much as the regular bubble bars, instead, you can swirl them in the water or hold them under a running tap. Each carrot in the set tints the bath water a different colour so you can use them separately or individually to get your desired effect. All share the same citrus and bergamot scent.

LUSH Easter 2018 Seven Deadly Spins Bubble Spinner Review

This last bubbly inclusion has me a bit confused, although I'm picking that it has some religious inspiration from the product description ('spin some angelic relief from the temptations of modern life. Bergamot oil lifts even the most slothful of moods'). Does anyone else know the story behind it?
Despite my confusion, Seven Deadly Spins Bubble Spinner ($9.90NZD, vegan) is pretty fun, zipping around on its wooden spindle to create loads of golden bubbles as you hold it under running water.

Lush Easter 2018 Here Comes The Sun Naked Shower Cream Review

I want to like Lush's Naked shower gels/creams, I really do. I'm all for reducing packaging but I'm not sure shower gels need to be unpackaged. Here Comes The Sun Naked Shower Cream ($16.50, vegan) has been decimated as much by my own use as from shower runoff as my husband and children splash water everywhere! Just take it out of the shower, you say? Well, yes, but then I have to make sure it's thoroughly dry and preferably package it in something else, as that beautiful orange hue STAINS. Perhaps instead of shaping them like bottles, Lush could sell flatter versions with tins for storage. All that aside, I love the fragrance of Here Comes The Sun: bergamot combined with a sunny citrus trifecta of orange, mandarin and tangerine. I just wish Lush had released a liquid version of it too.

Lush Easter 2018 Carrot Soap Review

Carrot Soap ($8.90NZD, vegan) is back! This time it's being sold by the preshaped carrot slice, rather than per 100g, as it was in previous years (my favourite iteration is still the one with the leaping bunny silhouette inside the soap). That's neither good nor bad in my view, I do like how Lush mix things up and the main thing is that the scent is still the same: carrot, cedarwood and tangerine (oh Lush, you do love your citrus). 

Lush Easter 2018 Collection Review
The Easter collection in all its glory

So, what do you think? Did you pick anything up from this collection? Will you be dashing out to grab something before it's gone? I'd love to hear from you.

LUSH products can be purchased at LUSH Online (NZ) or you can find your nearest LUSH store using the store locator. International readers can find their local LUSH site here!


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