LUSH Christmas Haul

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LUSH Christmas Haul

We had our early family Christmas last weekend and between us, my little Lushies and I scored quite a haul! Noel and Patrick have grown up on Lush as we found the shower jellies and FUN so beneficial to helping Noel overcome his fear of water as a toddler. Their products have been a firm fixture on our Christmas lists ever since! 
Lush's holiday collections are always packed with the fun and irreverent creations that characterize the brand and this year is no different. Here's what we got for Christmas from both the holiday and permanent ranges. 
All prices are given in NZD.  

LUSH Intergalactic bath bomb review

Noel got this Intergalactic bath bomb ($10.50, permanent) which he is really excited about as it's one of Lush's super colourful showstopping bombs and he's been wanting it since it first came out! The fragrance is given as peppermint, vetivert and cedarwood which is very nice but to be honest we're too excited about the swirls of pink, blue and yellow foam and sparkle to be overly worried about the fragrance. It's just the cherry on top!

LUSH Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb review

Noel also got the Night Before Christmas set ($22.90, limited edition) from my brother Nick, which contains Shoot For The Stars (sold out alone but still available in some gift sets) and Twilight. Shoot For The Scenes is a honey scented bomb that turns bathwater bright blue with lots of gold sparkles and the large stars you can see studding the sides of the bomb floating on the water's surface. It's another one that Noel wanted from the moment the collection dropped but unfortunately it was never in stock on its own when we visited our local store. Thanks Nick, we're so looking forward to using this one.
At the time of writing, Shoot For The Stars is still available in the following gift sets online: Merry Christmas ($40.90 for 4 bombs), Rudy ($21.90 for 2 bombs in a reindeer knot wrap) and Northern Lights ($38.90 for 3 bombs).

LUSH Twilight Bath Bomb review

Twilight ($7.90, permanent) is the other bath bomb in the Night Before Christmas set and is also part of the permanent range. I actually can't remember if we've tried this one before, I feel like maybe we have but the baby brain is strong today! It's a classic Lush fragrance that I know many of my friends adore - a mixture of lavender, ylang ylang and tonka. 

LUSH Butterball Bath Bomb review

Butterball ($6.50, permanent) is a bath bomb from the permanent range that I've been keen to try for awhile and I was very lucky that my stepmum gave me one. It's a beautifully simple, colourless bomb (that blue you see is transfer from one of the other bombs), fragranced with moreish cocoa butter & ylang ylang. It's supposed to be very hydrating so I'm looking forward to a nice long soak in it when we come home from holiday. 

LUSH Rose Jam shower gel review

Isn't it funny how your tastes change over time? I never used to be that keen on rose scents but now I wonder if previously I've just encountered inferior rose scents! Between Lush's Rose Jam shower gel and Bubbleroon and The Body Shop's British Rose range, I just haven't been able to get enough this year. Rose Jam Shower Gel ($13.50/100g, $23.50/250g, $34.90/500g, limited edition) is another gift from my stepmum and the heady Turkish rose absolute & argan oil perfectly evokes burying your nose in the petals of a freshly bloomed rose. Bliss.  

LUSH Sea Monster FUN review

Moving onto one of Patrick's gifts, he received Sea Monster FUN ($12.90/200gm, permanent). As I said at the beginning of this post, FUN was one of our gateway Lush products so we're always excited to try new varieties! Sea Monster is composed of layers of blue, yellow and green and smells of lavender and lime. Not a pair of scents that I would have thought to combine, but one that really works in practice. If you haven't tried FUN before, it's basically like Play-doh for the bath or shower, except that you can wash yourself with it too! It works for hair, body and even as bubble bath. I always pack some when we're traveling as the kids love it and it's multi-purpose nature saves space in the toilet bag.

Lush Bubbly Shower Gel review

My brother also spoiled me with Bubbly Shower Gel ($12.90/100g, $21.50/250g, $34.50/500g, limited edition), which I was thrilled with as it's one that I bought for other people and then immediately regretted not getting for myself, lol! It's a lovely cheerful combination of fresh grape, sweet wild orange and lime which is guaranteed to wake you up. I took it for a test drive the other day and was really impressed with how well it lathered; it was hydrating enough to get away with using it to shave my legs with as well. 

Lush Frozen bath bomb review

Now we come to the things that we bought for the boys! I had to get Pat the Frozen Bath Bomb ($10.50, permanent) because he absolutely loves the movie. This neroli & rose scented bomb is well matched to Elsa's dress in the film, with the pale blue colouring and loads and loads of sparkle. 

Lush Stardust bath bomb review

I also chose the Stardust bath bomb (sold out, limited edition) for Pat, which is a  vanilla, rosewood and bergamot scented deceptively plain looking bath bomb. Inside is a hidden core of blue which makes itself known as the bomb fizzles away. Last year's version, which we really enjoyed, had tiny rainbow stars inside too, so I'm curious to see if it's the same again this year! Stardust is sold out online now but it's still available in the Golden Wonder gift set ($17.90 for 2 bombs).

Lush Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb review

For Noel, I chose the bright and cheerful Luxury Lush Pud ($9.50, limited edition) and he also got an extra one from my stepmum! Lucky boy. This one is very colourful, with the polka dots all sending out jets of bright foam to compliment the bright pink half of the bath bomb. It's scented with lavender, ylang ylang, tonka and gardenia. 
This is another one that is sold out alone online, but it's still in the following gift sets: Christmas Candy Box ($40.90 for an assortment of sweet scented products), Father Christmas ($54.50 for 5 bombs) and Pip Penguin ($21.90 for 2 bombs & knot wrap).

Lush Northern Lights bath bomb review

The second bath bomb that I chose for Noel is Northern Lights ($9.50, limited edition). We previously had this when it came out with the 2014 Halloween collection and it was longer and skinnier then, so we're eager to see what this year's version is like in action! It's fragranced with ylang ylang and jasmine.

Phew! That's a lot of Lush! Thanks fambam for spoiling us 😄 Have you got any Lush goodies on your Christmas list this year?


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