LUSH Halloween 2016 Review

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LUSH Halloween 2016 Review

LUSH's Halloween collection was short and sweet this year, launching in stores on the 20th of October, with some of the collection selling out shortly after! We were lucky enough to receive a few items from LUSH late last week, so as there are still a smattering of items available online and you may still be able to find some bits and bobs in your local store, let's take a peek.

LUSH Halloween 2016 Lord of Misrule bath bomb review

Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb ($9.50NZD) is looking darker and moodier than last year's release, my bath bomb is a much more teal shade than the promotional images show, as were the ones that I saw in stores. It smells just the same though, a heady patchouli and black pepper fragrance which is definitely growing on me (I wasn't so keen on it last year - funny how your tastes change!). Lord of Misrule is a favourite bath bomb with my boys, it starts out green and then as the bomb progresses, shoots out masses of magenta foam, finally tinting your bathwater a rich wine colour. I'm considering picking up another for Mike for Christmas as it's quite a unisex scent and sparkle-free. Both Lord of Misrule products are part of the Christmas collection too, and will be around for a while. 

LUSH Halloween 2016 Lord of Misrule Shower Cream review

Lord of Misrule Shower Cream ($13.50NZD for 100g, $23.50 for 250g or $34.90 for 500g) shares its fragrance with the bath bomb of the same name and is a great choice if you love the scent but don't have a bath (or the time for a bath!). Hubby and I have both been enjoying its herbal and spicy fragrance and I'm thinking we might end up with a bigger bottle before the holiday season is through. It lathers up really well and the fragrance lingers lightly and pleasantly on the skin; it's not overpowering.

LUSH Boo Bath Melt review

Boo Bath Melt ($6.60NZD) captured Noel's heart immediately - it's SO adorable! You simply hold it under running water to make your bath a delightfully moisturising and spicy scented soak. Boo has a very warm fragrance, combining ginger, sandalwood, mimosa and mandarin with skin-loving cocoa butter, but sandalwood is the note that comes across most strongly to me. If you like LUSH's Smuggler's Soul fragrance, this might be up your alley.

LUSH Halloween 2016 Review

The kids and I picked up a few things in store shortly after the Halloween collection released (alongside some Christmas stuff as you can see), unfortunately we didn't see Monster's Ball bath bomb or Sparkly Bubble Bar, both of which were on our wishlist, at our local store but we were still happy with what we got. I've since found out that only the Sylvia Park in store in Auckland got a single box of Sparkly Pumpkins and the rest were held back by customs, which is a real shame - we bought it the previous Halloween and loved it! 

LUSH Halloween 2016 Pumpkin bath bomb review

Pumpkin Bath Bomb ($7.90NZD) is tied with Magic Wand soap for my favourite release in this collection! It's beautiful in its simplicity, turning your bathwater a bright orange with a strong, sweet fragrance of pumpkin spice. And if that isn't enough to tempt you, just take a look at that grinning face! I only wish I'd bought more than one of these.

LUSH Halloween 2016 Pumpkin bath bomb review

Pumpkin bath bomb in action

LUSH Halloween 2016 Autumn Leaf bath bomb review

Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb ($7.90NZD) is sticking around for Christmas too, so you've got a while to snap it up! I'm probably going to pick this up for Mike for Christmas as it's another sparkle-free bomb and the cut grass scent is quite light and inoffensive (he's very fussy!). Autumn Leaf is really fun to watch in the tub as it shoots out jets of yellow, orange and green foam to give your bathwater a distinctly autumnal feel.

LUSH Halloween 2016 Autumn Leaf bath bomb review

Autumn Leaf bath bomb in action

LUSH Halloween 2016 Magic Wand soap review

Magic Wand Soap ($8.40 per 100g) is another firm favourite from this collection for me, with its bright, cheery tangerine and orange scent. The spooky face pattern in the soap is a really cool touch, too! It lathers nicely and cleanses my skin well without leaving it feeling stripped. Fun fact - Magic Wand shares its fragrance with Angel's Delight soap from past Christmas collections!

LUSH products can be purchased at LUSH Online (NZ) or you can find your nearest LUSH store using the store locator. International readers can find their local LUSH site here!


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